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This post is one of those “Here’s what I did today” things that I hate. So to make it more interesting, watch this first:

Proof that you can, in fact, sing along to the Doctor Who theme. (that is not me in the video, btw. It’s the lovely Hayley G. Hoover. Look her up on Youtube. She’s amazing :P)

So today, I bought a textbook

…drew a Stargate

…worked on a project for my one high school class

Then I went to the library for a while.

For the grand finale, I saw the Hunger Games again, this time with my friend Ilsa. It’s still amazing. I *may* have spent most of the movie teary eyed. (*May* ).

Better post tomorrow! Cross my heart and kiss my elbow! (bonus points if you know where that’s from…)

College Bliss


Hello! I’m in this super mode. I’m doing homework, listening to music, interacting via social network, blogging, AND reading. I feel so on top of things.

This is in part due to my extreme caffeine consumption and part due to returning home from an extremely inspiring class.

As this is the first week of the new term at my school, I’ll probably remain driven for about another week or two.

Today is also awesome because I

  • Got “Paper Towns” by John Green in the mail. As some of you may know, this is one of my favorite books. Period. If you do choose to read it (and you should!), please note that it has mature themes and language.  Just so you know…
  • Picked up “Maphead” by Ken Jennings and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs from the library. Super excited! I’ll let you know my opinion when I’m done.
  • Spent some time with my good friend Jess.
  • Watched a bit of BBC’s “Sherlock”
  • Took a nap
  • Watched the sun set

And more. There were bad things, but I’d say this was a fairly good day. I’d give it 7/10, so 70% good.

How is life going for you? Is school/work/home giving joy or causing heartbreak?

See you sooner rather than later!

side-note: I’m doing a daily vlog throughout January here if you’re interested.

Happy New Year

English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. However, I’m all for to-do lists. They’re what keep me organized. So here’s a list of some of the things I want to accomplish in 2012. I’d love to read yours


  • To get started, I’m doing the Try Something New Revolution through the UK’s Channel 4. Everyday, I have to complete a challenge and I plan to vlog about it. To stay up to date, you can follow me at
  • I want to blog at least once a week. Because I miss you.
  • Also, BEDA. Need this be said?
  • Finish editing 2011’s NaNoWriMo
  • Do NaNoWriMo this year
  • Complete my submission to Less Than Three
  • Read at least 50 books. Reviews to be posted here.
  • Watch 100 movies. I’ll post the reviews on this blog, if I feel the movies deserve reviews.
  • Make a black and white silent film.
  • Keep my 4.0 college GPA.
  • Do Drawctober
  • Make a top 5 college list by February (I’m a high schooler attending a community college, so I’ll need to transfer after next year)
  • SAT!
  • Help decrease world suck. Every year, I choose an organization to volunteer with. I haven’t chosen one yet..
  • Take a kickboxing class
  • Learn how to do a backflip. I only recently learned how to front flip, but I want to try!
  • Meet John and Hank Green (and the Katherine!). I’m going o the local stop of the Tour de Nerdfighteria courtesy of my dear friend Caitlin (she of the Green Applesauce fame).

That gives you an idea. I tend to be overly ambitious.


My Weekend


Hey guys! Hope you had a nice weekend. I know I did!  I….

  • participated in karate-oke (karate + karaoke), which means I tried to sing while copying martial arts choreography. Yep.
  • Played “ninja” and rocked.
  • Watched “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and had to explain it to the people on both my left and right.  “No, the green smoke wasn’t in the book.”
  • Learned how to play “The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin”.
  • Played in a soccer game.
  • Ate copious amounts of pizza
  • Had a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard
  • Tried on my grandma’s vintage jewelry, hats, and really scary fur that made me consider becoming a vegan. Seriously.
  • Had conversations littered with references to YouTube.
  • Tried on outfits at this little discount store we found.
  • Beat my friend at Stratego, proving once and for all that the best offense is a strong defense.
  • Finally convinced my mom to watch the LoTR movies- all the way through. We’re on Return of the King. My mom loved the books, but didn’t want to see the movies. I told her it was my mother’s day gift. She told me that they were much better than she expected.
  • Almost reached the point where all of my closest friends have read the Hunger Games, so I can talk about them without worrying about spoilers.

And that’s a good summary. I have to do my homework. Of which there is a ton. Because I did everything on the aforementioned list. Yep.  Talk to you later, blogging buddies!

Things that are awesome today


Ok, I’ve got this! Ten Awesome Things.


1.  According to Harvard’s financial aid website, “…parents of families with incomes below $60,000 are not expected to contribute at all to college costs.” That is incredible!

2. This book

It isn’t perfect, and I have some issues with the author’s moral viewpoint, but if you’re into teen romance books with realistic characters, give it a try.  It does address things like teen drinking etc. from a realistic viewpoint, but for the most part, it is done in a classy way…without encouraging it. I hope to post a review this weekend.

3.  This song

I have been listening to this over and over. I’m even listening to it while I write this! I like Darren Driss anyway (No, I don’t like him on Glee. I don’t like Glee. Thanks for asking!), and this is such a cool rendition of a song from one of my favorite Disney movies.  I used to dream I was Belle when I was little.  Actually, I still do sometimes!

4. I went to an orientation for college tonight! I’m thrilled beyond words! I’m also freaking out, but it’s a good freaking out. Maybe.

5.  This post

because writing an entire post in haiku is so incredibly awesome.


My Little Pony mock-ups like this one from “Mulan”. (Aren’t the ponies manly?)


9. ‘m not sure which LoTR I like better.

This one:

or this one:

10. My absolute favorite pony video is this:

Yep. Dr. Horrible + Ponies = Awesome.

So….those are my ten awesome things. See ya tomorrow!

I Wanna Go to VidCon!!!!!


Since few, if any, people read this blog anyway, I feel free to write about VidCon without fear of criticism or disdain.

In fact, chances are high that even if someone reads this, they probably have no idea what VidCon is!

VidCon is “…a party/festival/conference for people who love online video. There are panel discussions, conferences, interviews, signings, booths, classes, and, of course, ample opportunities to hang out with people who care about the same things that you do.”

Friday, July 29, 2011 – Saturday, July 30, 2011

in Los Angeles, CA

And all the cool people are gonna be there! 😦 Meanwhile, I’ll be somewhere that is not L.A, doing something that is not the coolest thing in the world.  Sigh.

Back to the drudgery of everyday life…

Quarks, Quirks, And the Intimidating Spock…


Like the title? To be honest, that’s probably the most interesting part of this blog – for anyone who isn’t me, that is.

Quarks are “–noun Physics . any of the hypothetical particles with spin 1/2, baryon number 1/3, and electric charge 1/3 or −2/3 that, together with their antiparticles, are believed to constitute all the elementary particles classed as baryons and mesons; they are distinguished by their flavors, designated as up (u), down (d), strange (s), charm (c), bottom or beauty (b), and top or truth (t), and their colors, red, green, and blue.” Ah, physics!

Hank Green of The Vlogbrothers (YouTube again!) wrote a song about them called “Strange Charm” and I can’t get it out of my head!

A quirk is “a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.” (Thank you,!) I happen to be very quirky. Thus, my long rambling about quarks above…. No, seriously, I’m quite the personality.

Do you ever notice when someone is ugly, odd, or what have you, and you’re trying to describe them to someone else, you always end up saying, “They have a great personality.” I, personally, would prefer to be known for my personality than for my grades, athletic prowess, or stunning good looks. Modesty is after all my number one trait!

And, lastly, there is the intimidating Spock. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Spock as much if not more than the next person. But when I made this picture of Spock my screen saver, I made a serious mistake:

Created by Lorraine Brevig

It is very, very intimidating. I’ll be sitting there, thinking, “Oh, I can go on YouTube for 5 minutes. It won’t be a big deal.” Then I’ll look at that smirking Vulcan face, and I swear, I can almost hear him say, “That is not logical. The work for your classes is not yet complete. I would suggest you work on them now.”

Ok, maybe I’m crazy…. but Spock can be intimidating! Really. Or maybe I just need to get out more….

My life is a Charlie anthology…


Ok, if you don’t know anything about charlieissocoollike, go look him up on YouTube right now. This post won’t make much sense otherwise!

My life is like a series of Charlie song quotes! Here are some examples:

My love life

All I try is to be honest with you
I’ll say that you’re a friend and without us
There’d be a lot less here of me
But I’m unsure if we share the same view
I’ve told you what I’m thinking
But you’re yet to tell me if we agree

-“Melody for Melody”.

‘Cause this is the me that I like to be
Charisma quick wit and charm
But that side of me rarely likes to be
In the face of causing harm
Can you see my fear as you disappear
Into someone else’s arms
Or are you unaware that the me you care for
Isn’t really me at all
This is me

-“This Is Me”



I am you, you are me
Together we make a perfect charlie
And when I’m feeling down
We know that we will always be around

-“Duet with Myself”


…spots on my face, too much acne to embrace
The person behind them
Zits on my back, with heads bright white, scarlet and black
In much too much an awkward place to pop them

-“A Song About Acne”

My Song Writing

Self referential humour makes up most of what I do
And so this tune should come as no surprise
To the eyes that have followed me, that watch as I construe
My observations from which ideas arise
I can’t help but love it when I sing about me singing
About me singing about my songs
And I know that I should let go of this technique that I’m clinging
But my cold dead hands is are you’ll have to take it from

-“A Song About A Song”

Oh, Charlie… the poet that embodies the heart and soul of the youth twenty-first century! 😛

In other news, I plan to try a) actually blogging instead of cheating by making lists, etc. 2) To blog more often.

(Gottcha! Did I really type a and then 2? You’re probably double-checking right now… Ok, you’re back from checking. Yes, I did type a and then 2. Why? Because I could!)