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Tired of the cliches…



(I’m relating to Paramore songs ironically now…I think I’ve reached a new low)

I’m 2460done with this school and this town and this year. I’ve been trying to finish my senior project and still keep up with my community college classes. I’ve been trying to deal with the weird shifts in relationship dynamics. And I’m trying to prepare both mentally and physically for moving across the continent this summer.

I kinda broke up with my best friend (is that what it’s called? Break-up seems like the closest term…). It hurt (hurts) like hell. I don’t know about her, but I’ve seen this coming for a long time. I mean, we’re still “friends”, I guess, but it’s just different. We both said some really hurtful things. After all, only those who truly know you can get under your skin. I suppose reconciliation is possible, and might even be what she wants, but I’ve lost the ability to want to fight for it. Some friendships aren’t made to last forever, I guess.

The thing that bugs me the most is how “teen movie” it all is. Is that wrong of me? Maybe, but I can’t shake my hang-up with fulfilling tired cliches. I know they’re called cliches for a reason. Even so…it’s ridiculous!

One of the things my friend called me out on was my ego- that my world was the “ME” show, with everyone else relegated to secondary characters. She was right, in a way. I suppose this blog is a prime example of that. You see everything from my perspective. Every story I tell is filtered through the lens of my personal perspective. You don’t  know anything about my friends or their stories that I don’t tell you. And by translating my experiences into a personal narrative, I do make it all about myself. On this blog, I’m the title character, and it’s weird to think about.

But really, isn’t the whole of the human experience simply a translation of events into personal narratives? It’s how we make sense of chaos and establish our place in the world. Whether storytelling around the fire or posting an anecdote on Twitter, we’re all just faceless voices shouting into the void, wanting to be heard, to matter.

And now I’m descending into the deep depths of over the top analysis of my own thoughts, so I’ll call it a night.

High School


This is going to be a life blog. I do not apologize.*

This summer, I began asking myself what I wanted to remember about high school. Those of you who have been here a while or who know me IRL are aware of the fact that I’ve never attended a “normal” high school. For my freshman and sophomore years, I went to a cooperative school. But last year (my junior year), I began taking all my classes at a local community college. So, this year is both my senior year of high school and my sophomore year in college. I guess you could say that I haven’t had the most typical of high school experiences.

I mean, I have attempted to “experience” all the things kids my age experience (No, Mom, that doesn’t mean sex, drugs, and alcohol…). I’ve played sports for my local school, gone to dances (ok, one dance),and  cheered at homecoming games. The cool thing, though, is that I am in the unique position of shaping what my personal experience looks like.

For me, high school will remind me of seeing my first Broadway show (“Memphis”) or the time I went to a six hour concert showcasing local artists or being able to intern for credit at my college’s theater department. I’ll think of meeting the Vlogbrothers and Tom Milsom and Raven Zoe. I’ll laugh at the memory of the time I went for a walk in the snow at midnight, dressed in footie pajamas and a kola hat, with two of my best friend or staying up all night to marathon Doctor Who or Buffy. High school will be where I broke a boy’s heart for the first time and where another boy kept breaking mine. It will be the time of my life where I left the country for the first time, pushed myself to actually make friends, and discovered a love for Nutella.

I have the rare privilege of being able to plan my own graduation. When I first started high school, the song at the top of this post would have seemed the most appropriate song to play at the ceremony. Everything was embarrassing. But as I found my footing, I realized that the fact I was embarrassed was good. It meant that I hadn’t allowed myself to stagnate. I was out doing things. The last thing that I want is to look back on my own life and realize that I’ve been a spectator.

I’m reaching the point where I’m in a state of perpetual nostalgia. 🙂


*lies. I feel awful when I life blog.

What Even Is This?


“When you experience uncertainty, you are on the right path – so don’t give it up. You don’t need to have a complete and rigid idea of what you’ll be doing next week or next year, because if you have a very clear idea of what’s going to happen and you get rigidly attached to it, then you shut out the whole range of possibilities.”

– Deepak Chopra

  My world is shifting in so many ways. This isn’t a complaint, just a statement of fact. I’m a senior in high school AND in my second year of college.  Dynamics with old friends are completely different. There are new friends I never saw coming. And I doubt freshman me with her Jane Austen, braids, and mousy demeanor would even recognize senior me with her brazen attitude, pixie cut, and Walt Whitman.

I’m working through the agonizing process of deciding where to transfer. There’s one school in particular that interests me…and it’s on the other side of the country. Part of me feels like that’s a good thing. I feel ready to severe my old ties and start new ones, to find myself, to go in pursuit of my Great Perhaps. But quite recently, there have been some changes that have made me consider whether leaving is such a good idea. There’s an opportunity to share a house with friends, a good scholarship from a local school, and yes, there is a boy.

I’m at the point where movies like Lost in Translation and Reality Bites seem surprisingly relevant and watching the prom and graduation episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer make me cry. There are moments when I surprise myself with my maturity and others where I behave like a child. I think this is what they call growing up.

Hope you’ve had a great summer and good luck to those of you headed back to school (or already in classes!).

Here’s What I Did Today!!!



The one thing I don’t like about BEDA is that it makes me feel like I have to force creativity a little bit. And so you end up with a lot of posts that sound like this:

“Today was good. I went for a walk. There was weather.”

…which I hate, as I’ve mentioned a million times before. Is my life really so interesting that you would like to hear all about it? Probably not.

But alas! My creative well is dry tonight. So without further ado, may I present “What I Did Today”, an original story by…me!

Today began with me panicking to finish a pop-up book for my Math Class of Uselessness and listening to Paloma Faith – Upside Down  about 6 times. Apparently, it’s my theme song of the week or something.

As I headed out to class, I noticed that my bag, shirt, scarf, and pop-up book were all coordinating shades of orange. It’s nice when your subconscious does that. It made me look much more organized than I actually was.

I went to my political science class. I really enjoy engaging in discussions in that class. It’s fascinating to see things from different perspectives.Plus, we always end up on tangents because I have very passionate classmates. For example, we went from a discussion about the defining characteristics of conservatism to talking about whether clones are really human.

Next, I spent an hour working on bits and bobs of things in one of our campus’s study areas until my friends got out of class. Then, I rode to my high school campus with my lovely friend Caitlin (yes, that Caitlin) and we had one of the most perfectly nonsensical conversations of my remembering.

Lunch, then the Math Class of Uselessness. Fortunately, a slight reprieve came in the form of a fire drill…that wasn’t a drill. No one was hurt. It was more interesting than anything.

Then home, homework, dog walking, and emergency mission to buy yoga pants, more homework, completion of One Hundred Years of Solitude (the book, as opposed to an actual 100 yrs. by myself, just in case you were wondering), and that’s about it.

I lead the glamorous life, aye?


See you tomorrow!

Why I am I doing this again?


For those of you who don’t know, I’m in high school and college at the same time. This is something I decided to do, not something I was coerced into doing. And for the most part, I love it. Sure, there are challenges but college has been so much fun so far. Until this term, that is…

You see, this being my first year in college, I didn’t want to drown my first term so I took a light course-load. In order to graduate with both my AA and my high school diploma next year, I need to make up 6 credits. So, what am I doing? Taking 17 credits plus one class at my high school. Yep…

Somehow, this seemed like a good idea. As the new term starts and I begin to understand the implications of my decision, I’m questioning my choice .

I’ll keep you updated!

College Bliss


Hello! I’m in this super mode. I’m doing homework, listening to music, interacting via social network, blogging, AND reading. I feel so on top of things.

This is in part due to my extreme caffeine consumption and part due to returning home from an extremely inspiring class.

As this is the first week of the new term at my school, I’ll probably remain driven for about another week or two.

Today is also awesome because I

  • Got “Paper Towns” by John Green in the mail. As some of you may know, this is one of my favorite books. Period. If you do choose to read it (and you should!), please note that it has mature themes and language.  Just so you know…
  • Picked up “Maphead” by Ken Jennings and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs from the library. Super excited! I’ll let you know my opinion when I’m done.
  • Spent some time with my good friend Jess.
  • Watched a bit of BBC’s “Sherlock”
  • Took a nap
  • Watched the sun set

And more. There were bad things, but I’d say this was a fairly good day. I’d give it 7/10, so 70% good.

How is life going for you? Is school/work/home giving joy or causing heartbreak?

See you sooner rather than later!

side-note: I’m doing a daily vlog throughout January here if you’re interested.

Hi! So, briefly…


This is a random jumble of things that interest me right now. It’s not a 10 Things I Like post, but it’s like the cousin of one. Basically, these are things I can’t get out of my head.

1. I have to see this movie. My favorite Youtube/blogger movie reviewer recently posted her thoughts about it, and though they weren’t glowing, they were good enough  to increase my desire to see The Art of Getting By. Here’s the review  for those of you who are interested.  She also posted a video with some thoughts:

2. I’m not sure how I feel about this: Parts were funny, but…yeah, it was a little flat. So many wasted opportunities! This could have been hilarious!

3.  I really, really want to read Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino. These student films from DePaul University’s School of Cinema & Interactive Media in Chicago are awesome! Their goal  was to make a book trailer that would “inspire viewers to find out more”. Here are my favorites.

This one is so whimsical:

I wish this one had been developed a little bit more:

This one best captured that sense of wonder:

There were others, but these three were my favorites.

4. The fact someone cared enough about my favorite formula to tattoo it on their arm along with Pacman. Seriously.

(Yes, it’s nerdy to have a favorite formula, but in all honesty, the quadratic formula was the best part of algebra for me.)

5. Gosh! You just need to go on YouTube and type in “Straight No Chaser”. Do it! Don’t ask questions, just go! They blow my mind.

That is it! I have a bunch of posts in the works. I just have to smooth out some issues.  See you oon!

Viscosity and Surface tension are not my friends


In honor of my last week of school….

Chemistry has not been my favorite subject. It can be fun…or deadly. I seem to get the deadly side more often than the fun one. Of course, it isn’t literally deadly, or I wouldn’t be writing this post. But everyday, it kills my spirt and crushes my soul.

I really don’t get it. I’ve always been good at science. I aced biology!!!! For some reason, though, chem is proving to be my Achilles’ heel.  I don’t mind the subject as much as I mind the book/Apex. They tell you five different ways to say the same thing! This isn’t English class. I want one word that stays constant in its meaning.

I hate you chemistry, with a passion usually reserved for serial killers and llamas.

That is all. Good-bye!

How I Forecast Classes For College


I’m just going to tell you how I decide what classes to take. This doesn’t mean that you should choose classes the same way.

  1. First,  look up the requirements for the AA degree (and for graduation from high school since I have to have both). Set this information aside for now.
  2. Go through the college course catalog and write down information for any class that interests you.  It can be funny or serious. Try to think about what you need for your requirements, but don’t worry TOO much about that yet.
  3. Once you finish your list, it’s time to start dissecting it.  Try to find classes that fit your guidelines. What classes would meet the guidelines for English? What about P.E? You should narrow the list down to about 10-15 classes. Keep some back-ups listed-just in case.
  4. Now talk to your high school counselor and discard all the work you’ve done so far. Start over.
  5. Talk with your friends and find out how many classes you can take together (and who is driving).
  6. Take this list in to your counselor, have her sign it, and turn it in to the college.

This sounds pathetic, but this is how I forecast! It has a lot in common with having a nervous breakdown, now that I think about it… Ugh!