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A Challenge from Hayley


Hayley G. Hoover, one of my favorite YouTubers, posted a poetry writing prompt on her blog:

“In your poem, include at least fourteen of the following items: a statistic, a dish eaten cold, three forms of heat, a smell you can’t forget, a line from a movie, something out of a textbook, two things you wish you had said, a reference to an aunt or uncle, some kind of moving vehicle, two words beginning with R and ending with “-ion”, a stage direction, two distinct hours of the day, an historical figure, an adhesive, an animal only seen up close in the zoo, a slang expression (“call it quits,” for example), something really bad that you did, something that undermines or negates everything else you’ve said.”

I managed to fit all the items in. Here’s my poem

“Here’s looking at you, kid” he said

Toasting success to the best- the two of us.

And I didn’t respond, despondent silence

Louder than any shout, I hesitated.

I should have spoken, said something

Bring my congratulations to the surface

instead of mirthless fear but I didn’t.

I should’ve said “To us!” “Mazel tov!”

“I love you,” true every one. I said nothing.


Pungent, like fish weeks past their prime,

he stared at me, the world a train moving

Removing any distance between us

As I ate an 8 o’clock spaghetti at midnight,

Cold in a way no microwave or stove could restore,

Fiery glances passed between us, like a gust

Of death, come to cheer up the evening

that had begun so well, now gone bananas.


FDR said fear fears itself. I disagree

Revelation of reintegration between words and mouth

brought out this response: “Let us digress

to a non-relative discussion, percussion

Reverberation of static and non-static existence.”

I feared myself, my heart

No uncle, cousin, sister brother, father,

mother- dearer was he and I said

Nothing. And I was 72% sure I loved you.


End scene, drop the curtain down

Drown out the sorrowful glance of rhino

Behind glass at the zoo, so close

I could reach out and touch it, if it were real.

Reality gone haywire, clinging like duct tape,

Absorbing everything. I take it back,

it’s better I stay silent, reliant quiet

in face of the tangles of the unrealities

Unraveling in my head. Better to say nothing.



Hope you enjoyed! Any comments, questions, or critics are appreciated.



This post is one of those “Here’s what I did today” things that I hate. So to make it more interesting, watch this first:

Proof that you can, in fact, sing along to the Doctor Who theme. (that is not me in the video, btw. It’s the lovely Hayley G. Hoover. Look her up on Youtube. She’s amazing :P)

So today, I bought a textbook

…drew a Stargate

…worked on a project for my one high school class

Then I went to the library for a while.

For the grand finale, I saw the Hunger Games again, this time with my friend Ilsa. It’s still amazing. I *may* have spent most of the movie teary eyed. (*May* ).

Better post tomorrow! Cross my heart and kiss my elbow! (bonus points if you know where that’s from…)

Hi! So, briefly…


This is a random jumble of things that interest me right now. It’s not a 10 Things I Like post, but it’s like the cousin of one. Basically, these are things I can’t get out of my head.

1. I have to see this movie. My favorite Youtube/blogger movie reviewer recently posted her thoughts about it, and though they weren’t glowing, they were good enough  to increase my desire to see The Art of Getting By. Here’s the review  for those of you who are interested.  She also posted a video with some thoughts:

2. I’m not sure how I feel about this: Parts were funny, but…yeah, it was a little flat. So many wasted opportunities! This could have been hilarious!

3.  I really, really want to read Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino. These student films from DePaul University’s School of Cinema & Interactive Media in Chicago are awesome! Their goal  was to make a book trailer that would “inspire viewers to find out more”. Here are my favorites.

This one is so whimsical:

I wish this one had been developed a little bit more:

This one best captured that sense of wonder:

There were others, but these three were my favorites.

4. The fact someone cared enough about my favorite formula to tattoo it on their arm along with Pacman. Seriously.

(Yes, it’s nerdy to have a favorite formula, but in all honesty, the quadratic formula was the best part of algebra for me.)

5. Gosh! You just need to go on YouTube and type in “Straight No Chaser”. Do it! Don’t ask questions, just go! They blow my mind.

That is it! I have a bunch of posts in the works. I just have to smooth out some issues.  See you oon!

My Weekend


Hey guys! Hope you had a nice weekend. I know I did!  I….

  • participated in karate-oke (karate + karaoke), which means I tried to sing while copying martial arts choreography. Yep.
  • Played “ninja” and rocked.
  • Watched “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and had to explain it to the people on both my left and right.  “No, the green smoke wasn’t in the book.”
  • Learned how to play “The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin”.
  • Played in a soccer game.
  • Ate copious amounts of pizza
  • Had a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard
  • Tried on my grandma’s vintage jewelry, hats, and really scary fur that made me consider becoming a vegan. Seriously.
  • Had conversations littered with references to YouTube.
  • Tried on outfits at this little discount store we found.
  • Beat my friend at Stratego, proving once and for all that the best offense is a strong defense.
  • Finally convinced my mom to watch the LoTR movies- all the way through. We’re on Return of the King. My mom loved the books, but didn’t want to see the movies. I told her it was my mother’s day gift. She told me that they were much better than she expected.
  • Almost reached the point where all of my closest friends have read the Hunger Games, so I can talk about them without worrying about spoilers.

And that’s a good summary. I have to do my homework. Of which there is a ton. Because I did everything on the aforementioned list. Yep.  Talk to you later, blogging buddies!

Random much?


I decided to just tell you a bunch of random things you never wanted to know. About me. Because I’m vain. And like to write in fragmented sentences…Yeah o_O

I’m terrible at video games, and that makes me sad.

I really haven’t seen as much of Doctor Who and Star Trek as it may seem. In fact, I’ve only seen 5 episodes of Doctor Who. 😦 (Note to self: WATCH MORE DOCTOR).  I’ve seen more like 50-100 of Star Trek. Plus the movies (But not the new one). And comic books. And other…stuff.

I know that I blog about movies a fair chunk of the time, but I actually haven’t seen very many movies. It frustrates the heck out of my best friend, who is a total movie buff.

I watch tons of YouTube vids, but I don’t have a YouTube account.

As a child, I was completely in love with Anakin Skywalker, until Episode 3. The reason I stopped wasn’t because he became Darth Vader, but because I was teased due to the fact that his hairstyle in E3 looked a lot like mine.

I have never finished Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkien.  I’ve read all the other Lord of the Rings books, including The Similarion and Lays of Beleriand, but I’ve never finished Return of the King.  My other best friend is a LOTR freak, and she keeps giving me a hard time about this.

On a similar note, my copy of Fellowship of the Rings is ancient. Unbeknown to me, the last chapter had fallen out before I read it.  So, when I started reading The Two Towers, I was completely shocked to find out that Boromir was dead.

I call a lot of people “best friend”, but in reality, I have about 5 people who are truly my BEST friends.

I have a weird crush on Sean Connery, and have ever since seeing him in Indiana Jones. When I was nine. Yep.  (Yes, this followed the Anakin thing. Rebound? 😉 )

When I was little, I would threaten to run away to Scotland when things didn’t go my way. How I would get there and other “small” details never seemed to bother me. I also refused to read picture books. I would only read older books, because I wanted people to know how smart I was.

I had to write a paper in third grade about my hero. I chose Padame Amidala.

I actually like the new Star Wars movies. E2 was the first “romantic” movie I had ever seen. I can still quote it word for word.  A boy used a line from the movie to ask me to be his Valentine in 5th grade, too. (I said yes, for those of you who are wondering)

The day I first watched Star Wars was also the day I first read Watership Down.  I’m pretty sure I dreamed about bunnies with lightsabers that night.

If I really like a book, I’ll read it over and over. If I don’t, I might not even finish reading it. I have tons of books like that on my selves that I will probably never part with, because I tell myself that “someday” I’ll read them.

I watched every episode of Firefly in 3 days. And then I read the two behind the scenes guides. And the comics. However, I still haven’t Serenity, so…

One summer, I tried to teach myself Gaelic. Epic failure.

This turned out longer than I expected! I’m so weird!!!!!