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10 Things I Love: Summer Edition


Yeah, it’s really not different from any other 10 Things I Love, but whatever! 😉

1. Watching the extended editions of LoTR with actors commentary is a really fun experience. It sounds boring, but no. It’s hilarious! I laugh every time I watch this. My friends so would do this!

2. My hair is really long. I plan to get a pixie cut, but before I do, I have to try this! It’s so adorable. It reminds me of being 5 years old.


4. I really want to see this! It looks really fun.  And I feel bad, because I’ve never seen a Woody Allen flick. It’s weird. I’m rarely interested in “romantic” movies.

5. I recently saw Source Code. It was much, much better than I was expecting. I’m still sorting out my opinions on it, but when I get a handle on it, I’ll post a review.

6. This.

7. The poetry of Elizabeth Barret Browning. The woman was a genius! She is so inspiring. Along with Emily Dickinson, Basho, and Walt Whitman, she is probably my favorite poet. Here’s a sampling:

“Experience, like a pale musician, holds
A dulcimer of patience in his hand,
Whence harmonies, we cannot understand,
Of God; will in his worlds, the strain unfolds
In sad-perplexed minors: deathly colds
Fall on us while we hear, and countermand
Our sanguine heart back from the fancyland
With nightingales in visionary wolds.
We murmur ‘Where is any certain tune
Or measured music in such notes as these ?
But angels, leaning from the golden seat,
Are not so minded their fine ear hath won
The issue of completed cadences,
And, smiling down the stars, they whisper –

“When I attain to utter forth in verse
Some inward thought, my soul throbs audibly
Along my pulses, yearning to be free”

“Each creature holds an insular point in space;
Yet what man stirs a finger, breathes a sound,
But all the multitudinous beings round
In all the countless worlds, with time and place
For their conditions, down to the central base,
Thrill, haply, in vibration and rebound,
Life answering life across the vast profound,
In full antiphony, by a common grace!”

8. This is nowhere close to my favorite Regina Spektor song, and it’s nowhere close to the most summer-y, but it’s the one that’s stuck in my head. Ne me quitte pas! ( meaning, “Don’t leave me”, for all the non-French-speaking readers!)

9. I’m really into hugs right now. It’s such a simple thing, but it can mean so much.

10.  Straight No Chaser. Amazing. Listen for yourself

Things I don’t like:

  1. Colds. It’s summer after all!
  2. World history.

On that note, have a Happy Father’s Day! I’ll see you soon!


_____’s Heart: A sonnet

Title page of Shakespeare's Sonnets (1609)

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Awhile ago, I was really interested in sonnets. Shakespeare and and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are two of my favorite poets, and they both wrote sonnets, so I decided that I needed to at least attempt it.  The required elements are

  • 14 lines
  • Iambic Pentameter (ababcdcdefegg)
  • 3 quatrains and a final couplet

I didn’t quite follow this list. I did four quatrains and no final couplet…oh well! This is one of the sonnets I wrote. Constructive criticism is encouraged!:

I look up and see your face- one brief glance

And once again I turn away in fear

That in that moment, you saw by chance

In my eyes the true feelings that linger here

My heart is laid bare; a book all can read

I am nothing more than a girl in love

But I know not what you hope, want, or need

Your words are like sparrows, or flighty doves.

What would it take for you to tell me plain,

Whether hate, love, or apathy were yours

Towards me? No truth could drive me more insane

Your answer are vague, like door upon door

In a never ending hall. So too goes

Your heart, or at least the piece I can see.

Why must I talk in this poor meager prose?

Why can’t I tell you what you mean to me?