My life is a Charlie anthology…


Ok, if you don’t know anything about charlieissocoollike, go look him up on YouTube right now. This post won’t make much sense otherwise!

My life is like a series of Charlie song quotes! Here are some examples:

My love life

All I try is to be honest with you
I’ll say that you’re a friend and without us
There’d be a lot less here of me
But I’m unsure if we share the same view
I’ve told you what I’m thinking
But you’re yet to tell me if we agree

-“Melody for Melody”.

‘Cause this is the me that I like to be
Charisma quick wit and charm
But that side of me rarely likes to be
In the face of causing harm
Can you see my fear as you disappear
Into someone else’s arms
Or are you unaware that the me you care for
Isn’t really me at all
This is me

-“This Is Me”



I am you, you are me
Together we make a perfect charlie
And when I’m feeling down
We know that we will always be around

-“Duet with Myself”


…spots on my face, too much acne to embrace
The person behind them
Zits on my back, with heads bright white, scarlet and black
In much too much an awkward place to pop them

-“A Song About Acne”

My Song Writing

Self referential humour makes up most of what I do
And so this tune should come as no surprise
To the eyes that have followed me, that watch as I construe
My observations from which ideas arise
I can’t help but love it when I sing about me singing
About me singing about my songs
And I know that I should let go of this technique that I’m clinging
But my cold dead hands is are you’ll have to take it from

-“A Song About A Song”

Oh, Charlie… the poet that embodies the heart and soul of the youth twenty-first century! 😛

In other news, I plan to try a) actually blogging instead of cheating by making lists, etc. 2) To blog more often.

(Gottcha! Did I really type a and then 2? You’re probably double-checking right now… Ok, you’re back from checking. Yes, I did type a and then 2. Why? Because I could!)

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