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Another “Things I Like” Post? Really?


What can I say? I like a lot of things, and I don’t have a Tumblr! This one’s heavy on the geek side.

1. trazzler_slide_show_beautiful_bookstores

I have been to one bookstore from this slide show, and would gladly go to any of the others (read: biggest understatement ever!)

2. I think that this show is either going to be awesome and exciting or crap. Either way, I’m going to give it a shot. Alcatraz will premiere this fall, if my info is correct.

3.  I have mixed emotions about this: I’m actually kind of nervous about how this movie will turn out. If they ruin the Hunger Games, I will not be a happy camper.

4.  It’s (semi) official! I’m going to a Comicon this spring with my buddies/homies/companions/sidekicks! I’ll keep you informed on its progress.

5. Breaking out in song to express how you feel. Yes, I do this (Look through my archives). My life should be a musical! That would make me incredibly happy.

6.This is so funny to me. Firefly crew in Star Trek uniforms labeled “Star Wars”. I know. I’m a nerd…

7. I can’t wait for the fourth movie! Pirates of the Caribbean is such a fun series! Here’s hoping they don’t mess it up!

8.  Blueberry muffin cereal. If you haven’t tried it, do (try it, I mean). If you have, you should tell me if you love it as much as I do!

9.  This page  is where I get wallpaper for my computer. Not only are they nerdy, but they are also beautifully done.

10.  The Hobbit movie is going to be awesome! I’m rereading my copy of the book in eager anticipation. I love my copy. It’s hard-bound, green, and lap-sized. It has the most wonderful illustrations.

And that’s all, folks! Chat at you later!

I crossed the line….


"That is not logical, Captain."

*Before I get this going, I just want to remark on the irony of all my Star Trek posts. I’m actually more of a Star Wars girl, or was, growing up. But, in the last year, it seems as though I spend more and more time on Star Trek…Hmmm…

I’m reading Star Trek Omnibus Volume 1, which is a collection of Star Trek comics, and um…. for the first time, I confused something in Star Trek with real life! I know, right? I felt so stupid! But, in my defense, it was something that made sense!!!!

In a comic entitled, “We Are Dying, Egypt, DYING!”, the crew finds a planet that appears to be a copy of ancient Egypt, complete with pyramids. The crew is talking about the planet’s development, when Spock says, “Might I remind you that Hodgkin’s Law holds that cultures develop in similar patterns on similar planets….” So, I looked up Hodgkin’s Law and read a bit about it, and thought, “Wow! This is really cool! It makes sense that basic development of cultures would follow certain patterns!” Then, I read this:

“The theory was the brainchild of biologist A.E. Hodgkin, who first visited the planet Loracus Prime as part of a science survey mission. As Hodgkin noted in his log, the native termite life of Loracus was remarkably similar to that of Earth, Vulcan, and several other Class M worlds.”

Yep.  I feel stupid right about now.

Quarks, Quirks, And the Intimidating Spock…


Like the title? To be honest, that’s probably the most interesting part of this blog – for anyone who isn’t me, that is.

Quarks are “–noun Physics . any of the hypothetical particles with spin 1/2, baryon number 1/3, and electric charge 1/3 or −2/3 that, together with their antiparticles, are believed to constitute all the elementary particles classed as baryons and mesons; they are distinguished by their flavors, designated as up (u), down (d), strange (s), charm (c), bottom or beauty (b), and top or truth (t), and their colors, red, green, and blue.” Ah, physics!

Hank Green of The Vlogbrothers (YouTube again!) wrote a song about them called “Strange Charm” and I can’t get it out of my head!

A quirk is “a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.” (Thank you,!) I happen to be very quirky. Thus, my long rambling about quarks above…. No, seriously, I’m quite the personality.

Do you ever notice when someone is ugly, odd, or what have you, and you’re trying to describe them to someone else, you always end up saying, “They have a great personality.” I, personally, would prefer to be known for my personality than for my grades, athletic prowess, or stunning good looks. Modesty is after all my number one trait!

And, lastly, there is the intimidating Spock. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Spock as much if not more than the next person. But when I made this picture of Spock my screen saver, I made a serious mistake:

Created by Lorraine Brevig

It is very, very intimidating. I’ll be sitting there, thinking, “Oh, I can go on YouTube for 5 minutes. It won’t be a big deal.” Then I’ll look at that smirking Vulcan face, and I swear, I can almost hear him say, “That is not logical. The work for your classes is not yet complete. I would suggest you work on them now.”

Ok, maybe I’m crazy…. but Spock can be intimidating! Really. Or maybe I just need to get out more….