I crossed the line….


"That is not logical, Captain."

*Before I get this going, I just want to remark on the irony of all my Star Trek posts. I’m actually more of a Star Wars girl, or was, growing up. But, in the last year, it seems as though I spend more and more time on Star Trek…Hmmm…

I’m reading Star Trek Omnibus Volume 1, which is a collection of Star Trek comics, and um…. for the first time, I confused something in Star Trek with real life! I know, right? I felt so stupid! But, in my defense, it was something that made sense!!!!

In a comic entitled, “We Are Dying, Egypt, DYING!”, the crew finds a planet that appears to be a copy of ancient Egypt, complete with pyramids. The crew is talking about the planet’s development, when Spock says, “Might I remind you that Hodgkin’s Law holds that cultures develop in similar patterns on similar planets….” So, I looked up Hodgkin’s Law and read a bit about it, and thought, “Wow! This is really cool! It makes sense that basic development of cultures would follow certain patterns!” Then, I read this:

“The theory was the brainchild of biologist A.E. Hodgkin, who first visited the planet Loracus Prime as part of a science survey mission. As Hodgkin noted in his log, the native termite life of Loracus was remarkably similar to that of Earth, Vulcan, and several other Class M worlds.”

Yep.  I feel stupid right about now.

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