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Not again….


Guys, I wanted to do BEDA 2. I mean, I really REALLY wanted to do BEDA 2. But stuff happens. Stuff like being e-mailed last minute by a college asking if you want to do a soccer clinic. Stuff like going to a soccer practice where everyone randomly breaks into two teams for capture the flag. Stuff like watching a close friend get baptized. Stuff like playing Twister with my siblings and realizing I’ll be leaving home all too soon. Stuff.

So,  yep. There goes that goal 😛

I’ve been traveling without an internet connection so when I got home, I was shocked to learn about what’s going on in London.  The sad thing is, this isn’t the only riot. Riots in the Middle East and Europe have been the big news this year.

I found an interesting post on Tumblr about this issue. (Remember, it’s Tumblr so take it with a grain of salt):

“As political and social protests grip the Middle East, are growing in Europe and a riot exploded in north London this weekend, here’s a sad truth, expressed by a Londoner when asked by a television reporter: Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent? “Yes,” said the young man. “You wouldn’t be talking to me now if we didn’t riot, would you?”

The TV reporter from Britain’s ITV had no response. So the young man pressed his advantage. “Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you.”

The truth is that discontent has been simmering among Britain’s urban poor for years, and few have paid attention. Social activists say one out of two children in Tottenham live in poverty. It’s one of the poorest areas of Britain. Britain’s worst riots in decades took place here in 1985. A policeman was hacked to death. After these riots, the same young man pointed out, “They built us a swimming pool.””

Do I agree that violence is the correct answer? No. But the people of my generation are paying attention to the times. A peaceful demonstration does nothing for ratings. Broadcasting a riot does, though.

Please let me know how you feel about all this!