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So, how are you?


That bad? 😦 Sorry!

I’m actually pretty happy, even though I have tons of work to do in three hours or less. I’m slightly insane, I think.

I’m happy mostly because of the music I’m listening to. Music makes me happy! My favorite bands of the day are Hellogoodbye and Plain White T’s. For Plain White T’s, I love 1 2 3 4, Hey Delilah (yeah, I know, right? 😛 ), and my personal favorite,  Irrational Anthem.

“Pledge of allegiance everybody stand up
this is our Irrational Anthem
we don’t care if they don’t understand us
this is our Irrational…
Irrational Anthem”

And then there’s Hellogoodbye!

Seriously, though, I want to buy every single Hellogoodbye album.  Their music makes me incredibly joyous! It’s like an upbeat walk through downtown. Or something equally cliche but awesome.

Favorites include “When We First Met”, “All of Your Love”, “Oh, It is Love”,  and “Touchdown Turn Around”.

Ok, have to write an essay about morality and Macbeth. Bye! Hope the rest of your day is better!!!!!