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Here’s What I Did Today!!!



The one thing I don’t like about BEDA is that it makes me feel like I have to force creativity a little bit. And so you end up with a lot of posts that sound like this:

“Today was good. I went for a walk. There was weather.”

…which I hate, as I’ve mentioned a million times before. Is my life really so interesting that you would like to hear all about it? Probably not.

But alas! My creative well is dry tonight. So without further ado, may I present “What I Did Today”, an original story by…me!

Today began with me panicking to finish a pop-up book for my Math Class of Uselessness and listening to Paloma Faith – Upside Down  about 6 times. Apparently, it’s my theme song of the week or something.

As I headed out to class, I noticed that my bag, shirt, scarf, and pop-up book were all coordinating shades of orange. It’s nice when your subconscious does that. It made me look much more organized than I actually was.

I went to my political science class. I really enjoy engaging in discussions in that class. It’s fascinating to see things from different perspectives.Plus, we always end up on tangents because I have very passionate classmates. For example, we went from a discussion about the defining characteristics of conservatism to talking about whether clones are really human.

Next, I spent an hour working on bits and bobs of things in one of our campus’s study areas until my friends got out of class. Then, I rode to my high school campus with my lovely friend Caitlin (yes, that Caitlin) and we had one of the most perfectly nonsensical conversations of my remembering.

Lunch, then the Math Class of Uselessness. Fortunately, a slight reprieve came in the form of a fire drill…that wasn’t a drill. No one was hurt. It was more interesting than anything.

Then home, homework, dog walking, and emergency mission to buy yoga pants, more homework, completion of One Hundred Years of Solitude (the book, as opposed to an actual 100 yrs. by myself, just in case you were wondering), and that’s about it.

I lead the glamorous life, aye?


See you tomorrow!