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10 Things I love today


1. I bought this today for $4.  I did some research, and it usually costs between $10-$20! I’m so happy! It has creamy blank pages, a ribbon marker, and a pocket in the back. It reminds me of the Grail diary from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade“. It isn’t identical, but still! Pure epicness.

2. This video. There’s a little bit of  language. As a girl who isn’t graduating from high school, but is starting college, this seems really relevant to my life at the moment. It’s good stuff.


4.  Robert Walton in the first few letters from “Frankenstein”. He is conceited, arrogant, and wordy to thew point of being funny. Dude is a frustrated writer. It’s too bad the poetry gig didn’t work out.  With that verbose prose…it’s really overwhelming.

5.  I love the Leia/Han romance. It might be my favorite part of Star Wars. Might.

6. music_movie-loves-a-screen.php  

I love this song!

“Maybe what I mean to say
Is that I think about you in the most romantic of ways
And I’m hoping you’ll be open to discussing us and nothing in between

Maybe what I mean is that I love you more than any other I’ve seen
If you couldn’t tell well I hope you’re quite keen on it
Like a rhyme loves a sonnet
Like a movie loves a screen
that’s what I wanna mean to you”

Thank you April Smith. This made my day!

7.  Three-way calling. It’s incredible how much more you can accomplish when you don’t have to call someone, ask a question, hang up, call someone else, answer their question etc. in a endless cycle.

8. It’s just so perfect!

9.  If I don’t wear a dress like Kate Middleton’s, which I loved, I want to wear one like this:

10.  You!