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Hello! Good-bye!


I feel so successful! I got the job! I finished the HSPE (if you know, you understand. If you don’t, you don’t want to…),  just about reached the summit of the Spanish mountain (so close!), might actually understand stoichiometry, did Star Trek impressions with my sister, had kung pao for lunch, and managed to do a week’s worth of work in one day!

Now, I have to finish that last bit of Spanish, pick out clothes for tomorrow, and then go to sleep!I also need to memorize as many places of pi as possible before 3:30 pm tomorrow!

Plan of attack for tomorrow:

  1. Wake-up
  2. Pi
  3. Eat, dress, whatever
  4. Pi
  5. Make-up chem in car
  6. Meeting
  7. School
  8. Concert
  9. Work on World History
  10. Read?
  11. NCIS or Star Wars (after all, it is FRIDAY! 😉 )