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Random much?


I decided to just tell you a bunch of random things you never wanted to know. About me. Because I’m vain. And like to write in fragmented sentences…Yeah o_O

I’m terrible at video games, and that makes me sad.

I really haven’t seen as much of Doctor Who and Star Trek as it may seem. In fact, I’ve only seen 5 episodes of Doctor Who. 😦 (Note to self: WATCH MORE DOCTOR).  I’ve seen more like 50-100 of Star Trek. Plus the movies (But not the new one). And comic books. And other…stuff.

I know that I blog about movies a fair chunk of the time, but I actually haven’t seen very many movies. It frustrates the heck out of my best friend, who is a total movie buff.

I watch tons of YouTube vids, but I don’t have a YouTube account.

As a child, I was completely in love with Anakin Skywalker, until Episode 3. The reason I stopped wasn’t because he became Darth Vader, but because I was teased due to the fact that his hairstyle in E3 looked a lot like mine.

I have never finished Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkien.  I’ve read all the other Lord of the Rings books, including The Similarion and Lays of Beleriand, but I’ve never finished Return of the King.  My other best friend is a LOTR freak, and she keeps giving me a hard time about this.

On a similar note, my copy of Fellowship of the Rings is ancient. Unbeknown to me, the last chapter had fallen out before I read it.  So, when I started reading The Two Towers, I was completely shocked to find out that Boromir was dead.

I call a lot of people “best friend”, but in reality, I have about 5 people who are truly my BEST friends.

I have a weird crush on Sean Connery, and have ever since seeing him in Indiana Jones. When I was nine. Yep.  (Yes, this followed the Anakin thing. Rebound? 😉 )

When I was little, I would threaten to run away to Scotland when things didn’t go my way. How I would get there and other “small” details never seemed to bother me. I also refused to read picture books. I would only read older books, because I wanted people to know how smart I was.

I had to write a paper in third grade about my hero. I chose Padame Amidala.

I actually like the new Star Wars movies. E2 was the first “romantic” movie I had ever seen. I can still quote it word for word.  A boy used a line from the movie to ask me to be his Valentine in 5th grade, too. (I said yes, for those of you who are wondering)

The day I first watched Star Wars was also the day I first read Watership Down.  I’m pretty sure I dreamed about bunnies with lightsabers that night.

If I really like a book, I’ll read it over and over. If I don’t, I might not even finish reading it. I have tons of books like that on my selves that I will probably never part with, because I tell myself that “someday” I’ll read them.

I watched every episode of Firefly in 3 days. And then I read the two behind the scenes guides. And the comics. However, I still haven’t Serenity, so…

One summer, I tried to teach myself Gaelic. Epic failure.

This turned out longer than I expected! I’m so weird!!!!!