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Nerds Works Cited

Cover of "Nerds: Who They Are and Why We ...

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For those of you who care about such things… Also, I have a list of other resources I perused if anybody’s interested. 😛

Works Cited

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Nerds are Cool Conclusion


A gratuitous pic of the most awesome thing I've ever seen

Breaking it all down, we find ourselves with an interesting shift in paradigm. According to what we have discovered,

“Saying ‘I notice you’re a nerd’ is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?'” (Green)

Being a nerd isn’t about computers, glasses, or video games. It’s about being a person who loves something, and who doesn’t really need others to succeed. Nerds are driven individuals whose only downfall is the fact that they are stuck inside their own world and so, find themselves unable to understand people outside of their “world”.  The reason people do not like nerds is, in the words of Neal Stephenson,  “One of the most frightening things about your true nerd, for may people, is not that he’s socially inept – because everybody’s been there – but rather his complete lack of embarrassment about it.”

You’ve just survived the 5 post equivalent of a nerd infomercial. Congratulations!

X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class: Michael Fassbender & James ...

Image by Lyon & Pan via Flickr

Let me start this by saying I’ve only seen the first X-men movie and this one. I haven’t even read the comics…yet! So, my review is based solely on my enjoyment of the film, not on how well it follows the comics or whatever.

I saw three films starring James McAvoy this weekend (of Becoming Jane, Narnia: LW and the W).  The first was Gnomeo and Juliet, which I refuse to review. It was cute but soooo cliched it was almost painful. The next was Penelope, which could have been much better. I just felt like the story was rushed and never fleshed out. Then I saw X-Men First Class.

The story is simple. It’s all about the origins of the mutants we all know and love (Professor X, Magneto, Mystique) and some that I at least was unfamiliar with (Banshee, Angel, etc.).  The pacing is good, the plot is interesting, and the action is just what you’d expect from X-Men.

What I loved, being into psychology, was to see the relationships. I especially loved getting to learn more about the friendship/battle/bromance between Professor X and Magneto. However, as much as I understand the need for the plot to keep moving, I really wish that they could have spent more time on this relationship (maybe a spin-off? 🙂 ).

Another interesting dynamic was Mystique. She seemed really needy. I mean, she’s a hardcore chick who can hold her own in battle, but emotionally, she seemed like one of those girls who needs a man to assure her of her own self-worth. Jennifer Lawrence was good, but her performance did nothing to soothe my doubts about her role as Katniss in the upcoming Hunger Games movie.

Then there’s Moira MacTaggert. In the comics, she’s a geneticist. In the movie, she’s a CIA agent. Overall, she was ok. She was a necessary tool in the plot to bring the mutants together, but it seemed a bit contrived.

Can I talk about Prof. X/Magneto again? 🙂 Both James McAvoy and Patrick Fassbender were stupendous. I loved the contrast they provide. X is all about control, serenity, and the greater good. Magneto is more about rare power, emotion, and self-preservation.  I do like the fact that Magneto is shown for the complex character he is, although from the beginning we can see his villain tendencies.

Overall, it was a fun movie. It provided an entertaining ride without taking itself too seriously. I can say one thing. It certainly has me interested in exploring the X-Men galaxy.

Hi! So, briefly…


This is a random jumble of things that interest me right now. It’s not a 10 Things I Like post, but it’s like the cousin of one. Basically, these are things I can’t get out of my head.

1. I have to see this movie. My favorite Youtube/blogger movie reviewer recently posted her thoughts about it, and though they weren’t glowing, they were good enough  to increase my desire to see The Art of Getting By. Here’s the review  for those of you who are interested.  She also posted a video with some thoughts:

2. I’m not sure how I feel about this: Parts were funny, but…yeah, it was a little flat. So many wasted opportunities! This could have been hilarious!

3.  I really, really want to read Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino. These student films from DePaul University’s School of Cinema & Interactive Media in Chicago are awesome! Their goal  was to make a book trailer that would “inspire viewers to find out more”. Here are my favorites.

This one is so whimsical:

I wish this one had been developed a little bit more:

This one best captured that sense of wonder:

There were others, but these three were my favorites.

4. The fact someone cared enough about my favorite formula to tattoo it on their arm along with Pacman. Seriously.

(Yes, it’s nerdy to have a favorite formula, but in all honesty, the quadratic formula was the best part of algebra for me.)

5. Gosh! You just need to go on YouTube and type in “Straight No Chaser”. Do it! Don’t ask questions, just go! They blow my mind.

That is it! I have a bunch of posts in the works. I just have to smooth out some issues.  See you oon!

What is this feeling?

Poster shows a stylized drawing of head wearin...

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My dirty blonde (ha ha ha. Funny, I know) hair is chocolate brown, my peach skin is olive green, and my 20/40 eyes are enclosed behind nerd glasses! There’s a good reason for this. Tonight I was Elphaba to my sister’s Glenda. We decided to sing “What is This Feeling” from Wicked for our school’s performing arts showcase.  I don’t mean to brag, but we rocked the house. Seriously. My sister is incredibly good. I can harmonize. It works.

It was fun. I got to throw a notebook at her and to sing about loathing her, things my mother would never let me get away with under ordinary circumstances.  So that was fun. Having a little girl point at me, saying, “Mommy, what’s wrong with her? Why is she green?” was fun as well. I told her that it was because I hadn’t eaten my vegetables. I love my life sometimes.

Until next time, blog buddies.

Another “Things I Like” Post? Really?


What can I say? I like a lot of things, and I don’t have a Tumblr! This one’s heavy on the geek side.

1. trazzler_slide_show_beautiful_bookstores

I have been to one bookstore from this slide show, and would gladly go to any of the others (read: biggest understatement ever!)

2. I think that this show is either going to be awesome and exciting or crap. Either way, I’m going to give it a shot. Alcatraz will premiere this fall, if my info is correct.

3.  I have mixed emotions about this: I’m actually kind of nervous about how this movie will turn out. If they ruin the Hunger Games, I will not be a happy camper.

4.  It’s (semi) official! I’m going to a Comicon this spring with my buddies/homies/companions/sidekicks! I’ll keep you informed on its progress.

5. Breaking out in song to express how you feel. Yes, I do this (Look through my archives). My life should be a musical! That would make me incredibly happy.

6.This is so funny to me. Firefly crew in Star Trek uniforms labeled “Star Wars”. I know. I’m a nerd…

7. I can’t wait for the fourth movie! Pirates of the Caribbean is such a fun series! Here’s hoping they don’t mess it up!

8.  Blueberry muffin cereal. If you haven’t tried it, do (try it, I mean). If you have, you should tell me if you love it as much as I do!

9.  This page  is where I get wallpaper for my computer. Not only are they nerdy, but they are also beautifully done.

10.  The Hobbit movie is going to be awesome! I’m rereading my copy of the book in eager anticipation. I love my copy. It’s hard-bound, green, and lap-sized. It has the most wonderful illustrations.

And that’s all, folks! Chat at you later!

10 Things I love today


1. I bought this today for $4.  I did some research, and it usually costs between $10-$20! I’m so happy! It has creamy blank pages, a ribbon marker, and a pocket in the back. It reminds me of the Grail diary from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade“. It isn’t identical, but still! Pure epicness.

2. This video. There’s a little bit of  language. As a girl who isn’t graduating from high school, but is starting college, this seems really relevant to my life at the moment. It’s good stuff.


4.  Robert Walton in the first few letters from “Frankenstein”. He is conceited, arrogant, and wordy to thew point of being funny. Dude is a frustrated writer. It’s too bad the poetry gig didn’t work out.  With that verbose prose…it’s really overwhelming.

5.  I love the Leia/Han romance. It might be my favorite part of Star Wars. Might.

6. music_movie-loves-a-screen.php  

I love this song!

“Maybe what I mean to say
Is that I think about you in the most romantic of ways
And I’m hoping you’ll be open to discussing us and nothing in between

Maybe what I mean is that I love you more than any other I’ve seen
If you couldn’t tell well I hope you’re quite keen on it
Like a rhyme loves a sonnet
Like a movie loves a screen
that’s what I wanna mean to you”

Thank you April Smith. This made my day!

7.  Three-way calling. It’s incredible how much more you can accomplish when you don’t have to call someone, ask a question, hang up, call someone else, answer their question etc. in a endless cycle.

8. It’s just so perfect!

9.  If I don’t wear a dress like Kate Middleton’s, which I loved, I want to wear one like this:

10.  You!

My Weekend


Hey guys! Hope you had a nice weekend. I know I did!  I….

  • participated in karate-oke (karate + karaoke), which means I tried to sing while copying martial arts choreography. Yep.
  • Played “ninja” and rocked.
  • Watched “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and had to explain it to the people on both my left and right.  “No, the green smoke wasn’t in the book.”
  • Learned how to play “The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin”.
  • Played in a soccer game.
  • Ate copious amounts of pizza
  • Had a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard
  • Tried on my grandma’s vintage jewelry, hats, and really scary fur that made me consider becoming a vegan. Seriously.
  • Had conversations littered with references to YouTube.
  • Tried on outfits at this little discount store we found.
  • Beat my friend at Stratego, proving once and for all that the best offense is a strong defense.
  • Finally convinced my mom to watch the LoTR movies- all the way through. We’re on Return of the King. My mom loved the books, but didn’t want to see the movies. I told her it was my mother’s day gift. She told me that they were much better than she expected.
  • Almost reached the point where all of my closest friends have read the Hunger Games, so I can talk about them without worrying about spoilers.

And that’s a good summary. I have to do my homework. Of which there is a ton. Because I did everything on the aforementioned list. Yep.  Talk to you later, blogging buddies!

10 things I love today


I’m not just a blogger, I’m also a reader of blogs. I love the top ten lists that some of the bloggers I follow do.  I did a list like this during BEDA, and I think I’m going to make it a regular thing.



I have incredibly talented friends. One of these friends wrote the song linked above. He’s also the one singing. We grew up together, so when he goes multi-platinum, I’ll be able to say I knew him back in the day! I love this song and play it over and over!

2.  Can anyone say, “The perfect dorm room”? I love it. It’s classy but simplistic. I hope that my dorm room will look that stylish.

3. This is what my childhood looked like. It was full of flowers, dresses, Mary Jane shoes, and books. I love this montage, and how it shows a girl growing up.


Since I showed you the room I want for the future, I might as well show you the room I would have wanted in the past.  Princess heaven…*sigh.

5. Yes, I finished this book a day or two ago, but I’m still excited about Paper Towns. Read it so you and I can have profound conversations about its symbolism in the comments. (please)

6. Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!


Matt Smith is an awesome Doctor. I don’t know if he’s my favorite, but he is the current Doctor so he’s the one on my mind lately. He is such a cool mixture of quirky, cool, and concern. Was that an alliteration? Yes, it was.

8.  I want a YouTube account. And if I get a YouTube account, I want to get this:

The Sony Handycam CX150 costs about $400. That is a lot of money, in my opinion. But if this camera is as good as I’ve heard, it will be worth every solitary cent.

9. You guys know my love for YouTube. I even have a list of my favorite YouTubers  in the sidebar. There is one YouTuber I haven’t mentioned, mostly because I wasn’t sure about how his humor would be perceived. But we’ve reached a point in our relationship where I can be honest with you. I like the work of WillsOdyssey.  He’s a bit random and spontaneous and out there, but he (usually) makes me laugh.

10.  The Silence, an enemy from Doctor Who that you may remember from my post ( were inspired by a certain famous painting.

I have always loved to see how different art forms inspire each other. This is a valid example. I also find it ironic that the Scream inspired the Silence.

That’s my list. On another note, how would ya’ll feel if I started blogging some of my writing? (as in fiction, poetry, song lyrics) Would you still read this blog? Let me know.

Until we meet again, adventure lovers! Ciao!



I woke up early to study….and I have a study session in about an hour.  Then I went to eat a bowl of cereal, but I poured in Orange Tropical Punch, not milk. And for the grand finale (so far), I tried bouncing my head against a door. Ow. Smart thinking, wouldn’t you say?

As of yesterday, I have read ever book written by John Green.  Is there a way I could have better utilized my time? Probably. It was such a fun trip though. My favorite was Paper Towns, I think.  And my least favorite was An Abundance of Katherines ( Don’t get me wrong. I still love that book.  But I like Paper Towns better). Looking for Alaska would be somewhere in the middle.*

I also created a Goodreads account. If you want to check it out:

I haven’t reviewed anything yet, just rated things. It’s surprising to me to see how much I’ve read.

I have a study group to go to. TTFN (ta ta for now)!

*Yes, I know about Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I could never really get into it though.