My bucket list that will be added to and changed often!

Complete an awesome senior prank

Graduate from high school with my AA

Be involved in a flash mob

Complete NaNoWriMo  (kind of, anyways)

Meet the VlogBrothers

Meet Kristina Horner (italktosnakes)

Go to Canada

Go to Europe

Go to Asia

Go to Africa

Go to Central America

Go to South America

Go to Australia

Go to New Zealand

Get a decent job

Publish a book of my poetry

Be maid of honor at someone’s wedding

See the Aurora Borealis

Kiss someone in the rain

Kiss someone at a playground

Send in a secret to PostSecret

Survive in the wild for a week all by myself

Be published anonymously in a book

Do a good deed just to see people smile

Meet Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)

Attend the college of my dreams

Help decrease world suck

Take a kickboxing class

Take a krav maga course

Ninja kick a door open

Kick someone in the face

Get caught up in Doctor Who

Meet Hayley G Hoover (hayleyghoover)

Watch a meteor shower

Start a YouTube channel

Visit the set of Doctor Who

Learn how to do a backflip

Visit Disneyland

Attend Vidcon

Make an album

Credit to secretsthatshouldntbe  for getting me started

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