Awww this was written by 14 old me. I’d update it, but it’s just too precious!

“Who am I?” Each person must answer that question at some point in their lives. To be honest, I’m still searching for the answer. If I am defined by what I do, I am a student, a soccer player, a daughter, a sister, and friend. If I am defined by my circumstances, I’m a gifted homeschooled high schooler, with Jewish, Austrian, German, Scottish, Irish, Cherokee blood. But none of these are how I see myself.

I’m a crazy girl who loves to run in the rain. I’m an over dramatic insomniac with a passion for quantum physics. I love to draw, write songs, and have classic movie marathons with my best friends. I still play with Play-Do and building blocks. I love word games and puzzles. I enjoy life and try to live each day to the fullest. Some days, though, I feel like a palm tree supplanted into the arctic. This is me, as seen by, well…me!

Who I am is directly related to what I read. I’ve been reading since age 4 and plan to continue my whole life! When I was in first grade I remember that, although I had many friends, I felt so isolated and different. Yet, each time I opened a book, I found a safe haven, a place where it was ok to be unusual. That year, I discovered Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, C.S Lewis, and J.R.R Tolkien, who are among my favorite authors to this day. I wish that I could explain exactly why I love to read. I could tell you that I love to explore the new worlds books open to me. I could tell you about how the characters I’ve read about have inspired me in difficult times. I could write about the feeling of freedom I have when the limitations of my everyday world are thrown off, if just for a little while. These are all true, but none of them truly explain my love for the written word. It’s like breathing, something that is so apart of me, I barely think of it at all.

If reading is breathing, then writing is my heart beat. I don’t think I could live without it. It’s my way of expression. Whether I’m writing songs, poetry, stories, or even research papers, I’m leaving my mark on the world. When I write, I shape reality. It isn’t controlled by my family, my friends, or my circumstances. It’s controlled by me. I don’t believe people who say that writing is a gift. Yes, some people are more talented than others, but everyone has the ability to write. Everyone with breathe in their bodies has the potential to create something beautiful. It’s apart of who we are as human beings. Language is the human way of creating order and making sense of the universe. And we are its driving source. When you think about it like this, why wouldn’t you want to write?!?

When it comes down to it, I’m just a wacky kid trying to change the world through the way I live my life each day. Some days, I’m successful and feel like I’m truly making a difference. Others, I can barely get up in the morning because I’m so overwhelmed with all the appalling things this world contains. I’m inconsistent, to say the least. But I truly believe that everyone on earth can make a difference. And maybe by writing, by sharing myself and my struggles with others, I can too.

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