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Deutsch: Portrait Beethovens mit der Partitur ...

I’m sorry for missing the last two days. I’m just… stressed. Doing this 17 credits thing is already overwhelming. It’s crushing my SOOOUUUUUULLLL!!!!!! And cue Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Speaking of  Beethoven’s 5th, at 12, when I still believed I was God’s gift to the song-writing world, I actually wrote lyrics for the first 35 seconds of that symphony. And to apologize for missing two days of BEDA, I will share those lyrics with you:

Looking at you, looking at me

Wondering if this is the end of all I see

Hoping that maybe one day I will be free

But when I think I’m on the brink

It all caves in on me

Is this the end?

Have I no friend who will spend their life with me?

Is my enemy the only one I’ll ever see?

Seeing his face, my heart does race

Goes a pace that makes me feel my head begin to reel

in a whirl it twirls

The sad thing is, for years I actually thought I had improved this masterpiece through the addition of my lyrics. *Shakes head in embarrassment at younger self.

 Is all forgiven? Yes? No? Maybe?

  Good! (or bad…)

  c u tmrow 4 rlz!