What if…


Have you ever been in love? (I think that’s the opening to a song by Toy Box…) It’s fine if you haven’t. I don’t know if I have. I think that I’ve felt like I was in love, but I doubt it was real.

I’ve always dreamed of this perfect happily ever after ending. There’s always a Prince Charming. He doesn’t save me and I don’t save him. In a way, we save each other, or make each other better.

That’s the dream. But what if…

What if we were honest with ourselves about the plausibility of dreams? Would that make the world a better place? I doubt it. Isn’t it beautiful to know that dreams can come true outside of Disney movies? Isn’t that something to hope for? And ultimately, hope is everything

What if I (or you 🙂 ) stopped looking for Prince Charming and started working on becoming a Princess worth having?

Sometimes, I do worry that we spend so much time looking for a soul mate that we do nothing to improve ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we should change to meet someone’s expectations. But as people, there are always areas that we could use improvement in. for me, it’s attitude.

What if we realized that our One True Love may not come in the package  we’ve been expecting? For me, this might mean that he’s into baseball (yuck!) and not literature. Dreaming is good. Dreaming at the expense of reality…not so much.

I often ask myself “What if the person you belonged with was right in front of you? Would you recognize them or look right through them?”

What is this thing called love that we all obsess over???? 🙂

This is a topic I will visit over and over again, simply because it both fascinates and puzzles me. And yes, my mind is already on Valentine’s Day ❤



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