What is Christmas?


Is Christmas about…

Snow, sleigh bells, Santa Clause, and shopping all day?

or that sense of wonder at the beauty of our world?

or the relationships that we form with one another?

or the celebration of the birth of a single child who changed the course of history?

It’s interesting, but you can learn a lot about a person by how they view Christmas.  We see it as the season of giving, but I think that it should be renamed the season of revealing.I think that this is because everything changes.

Family dynamics are a lot more complicated, and parents sometimes feel like politicians playing to the desires of the ever changing hopes and desires of their children for the ideal gift. We paint a picture of a perfect holiday, and become the Griswolds in Christmas Vacation in our quest to craft the perfect memory.

Lovers look at each other and wonder if they’ll be together next Christmas. Kids look around and see the magic of Santa dissolving into the revolving doors of consumerism.

That’s the bad. But it isn’t always that way.

Sometimes, the season brings families together in the reading of stories and legends of a saint who gives presents to all the children in one nigh t. Truth is told in the eyes of friends who marvel at the wonder of finding someone they can’t wait to make snow angels with. A boy and girl hold hands as they walk down the frozen streets gleaming with lights. After all, the dark of winter makes the light of their hope that much brighter.

And somewhere, someone looks up at the stars and wonders at their majesty, and how an infant king, fully God and fully man, gave up his glory for you and me.

In my own poor way, what I’m trying say is that Christmas is about love. Not the cheesy Hallmark holiday love, but the kind that means viewing someone else as more important than yourself.

I know I’m just a drop in the sea of Christmas messages preached out from all around you and you may be skimming through this, tired of another voice going on and on like a broken record. That’s ok.

All I ask is that you take a couple of seconds to ask yourself what Christmas means to you. Really think about. If you want, you can post it as a comment. I’d love to read it.

Merry Christmas to you!

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