What You Deserve


Speaking theoretically, what do you do when something really good comes into your life and you don’t deserve it?  For me, I appreciate it, enjoy it, but deep down inside,  I just find myself wondering how I ended up with it. In fact, I almost feel guilty.

This is probably because I like to earn things myself. I love getting presents of course. However, I think the things I’ve had to work for are the things I truly treasure. I like to know that I have a right to whatever I have.

The problem is, life doesn’t always work that way, for good or bad. Because life is unfair, good things sometimes end up in the hands of people who really don’t merit them. You and I will undoubtedly have good things fall into our lives that we had nothing to do with.  The true test is our reaction.

I think this is where a lot of people have trouble with Christianity (by which I mean the belief that Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice for all the terrible things we did, do, and ever will do). It’s unreasonable. It isn’t what we deserve. After all, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that our lives have been a whole lot of garbage. We’ve done things we shouldn’t have. We have things we regret. There’s no way that we can deserve or earn a free pass. It’s just given to us.

But I have to wonder what life would be like if we could let go of our self-reliance just a bit.  We want to deserve things, and that’s great…for the most part. It’s just impossible to live life completely on our own.  We can’t deserve everything we’re given.  But we can appreciate the gift and live our lives to be worthy of it.

Sorry if it seems like I’m preaching. It’s just a series of thoughts in my head today.

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