I love conversations that include things like…

The "Archaeoraptor" fossil

Image via Wikipedia

“Theories are postulations based on an interpretation of a phenomena”

“A theory is created in response to a large degree of evidence. It is treated as fact until disproven. Neither theory has been disproven.”
“But there is no solid evidence either! It’s a bit of a stalemate.”

“What about the Archaeoraptor liaoningensis?”

“He’s one of many!”
“No he isn’t… but even if he was, the good scientists working for the world’s betterment find these things out and refute them themselves.”
“People can be wrong in  mass, just as they can individually.”
“That’s why we have a scientific method that scientists use to check and correct each other. They share data, repeat experiments. They demonstrate repeatability.”

“Which is kinda what I just said…much simpler.”
“..which means we’re on the same page”
“To a point”
Ah, I love my life.

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