What Ifs, Maybes, and Might-have-beens


Maybe one day, you’ll see

What I’ve seen all along

That, despite everything

We can still be- we exist

In the midst of the thick

Of this battle, this war

Worn down, sore

Fighting off a tragedy

Right outside our door

Open up and the darkness

Comes in, black as sin

So we hold on tight

One small light, holding

Back the whole night

Isn’t much but we might

Make it through

Maybe I’m crazy but

I see a future coming

I know it’s hazy

If hope’s crazy, I’ll keep it

Believe in it in spite of the

Doubt that crowds out

All else It’s a shout

A battle cry in the sky

Holding evil on standby

Maybe is the language

Of a people in bondage

Dreaming of a day that

They can play in the sun

Skip and run.

It’s the dream of a people

Tired of originals turned into

Sequels just to continue again

On a never ending spin

Cycle turning mediocrity

Into a recyclable item

Passed on through generations

Carried through a nation

Heartsick and brain-dead

Lie-fed, retreading

The same junk from

Fifty years ago

Let it go. Move on into

The world of ifs

Let’s go back to you and me

And the maybe of us

Trust me. We need each other.

(This is something I wrote for English. Critique is appreciated.  Thanks guys!)


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