Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

How I Forecast Classes For College


I’m just going to tell you how I decide what classes to take. This doesn’t mean that you should choose classes the same way.

  1. First,  look up the requirements for the AA degree (and for graduation from high school since I have to have both). Set this information aside for now.
  2. Go through the college course catalog and write down information for any class that interests you.  It can be funny or serious. Try to think about what you need for your requirements, but don’t worry TOO much about that yet.
  3. Once you finish your list, it’s time to start dissecting it.  Try to find classes that fit your guidelines. What classes would meet the guidelines for English? What about P.E? You should narrow the list down to about 10-15 classes. Keep some back-ups listed-just in case.
  4. Now talk to your high school counselor and discard all the work you’ve done so far. Start over.
  5. Talk with your friends and find out how many classes you can take together (and who is driving).
  6. Take this list in to your counselor, have her sign it, and turn it in to the college.

This sounds pathetic, but this is how I forecast! It has a lot in common with having a nervous breakdown, now that I think about it… Ugh!