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10 things I love today


I’m not just a blogger, I’m also a reader of blogs. I love the top ten lists that some of the bloggers I follow do.  I did a list like this during BEDA, and I think I’m going to make it a regular thing.



I have incredibly talented friends. One of these friends wrote the song linked above. He’s also the one singing. We grew up together, so when he goes multi-platinum, I’ll be able to say I knew him back in the day! I love this song and play it over and over!

2.  Can anyone say, “The perfect dorm room”? I love it. It’s classy but simplistic. I hope that my dorm room will look that stylish.

3. This is what my childhood looked like. It was full of flowers, dresses, Mary Jane shoes, and books. I love this montage, and how it shows a girl growing up.


Since I showed you the room I want for the future, I might as well show you the room I would have wanted in the past.  Princess heaven…*sigh.

5. Yes, I finished this book a day or two ago, but I’m still excited about Paper Towns. Read it so you and I can have profound conversations about its symbolism in the comments. (please)

6. Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!


Matt Smith is an awesome Doctor. I don’t know if he’s my favorite, but he is the current Doctor so he’s the one on my mind lately. He is such a cool mixture of quirky, cool, and concern. Was that an alliteration? Yes, it was.

8.  I want a YouTube account. And if I get a YouTube account, I want to get this:

The Sony Handycam CX150 costs about $400. That is a lot of money, in my opinion. But if this camera is as good as I’ve heard, it will be worth every solitary cent.

9. You guys know my love for YouTube. I even have a list of my favorite YouTubers  in the sidebar. There is one YouTuber I haven’t mentioned, mostly because I wasn’t sure about how his humor would be perceived. But we’ve reached a point in our relationship where I can be honest with you. I like the work of WillsOdyssey.  He’s a bit random and spontaneous and out there, but he (usually) makes me laugh.

10.  The Silence, an enemy from Doctor Who that you may remember from my post (https://ifimjuliet.wordpress.com/?p=876&preview=true) were inspired by a certain famous painting.

I have always loved to see how different art forms inspire each other. This is a valid example. I also find it ironic that the Scream inspired the Silence.

That’s my list. On another note, how would ya’ll feel if I started blogging some of my writing? (as in fiction, poetry, song lyrics) Would you still read this blog? Let me know.

Until we meet again, adventure lovers! Ciao!