Today is just a hello and a good-bye.  I have to eat. Plus, do homework.

Today in Spanish, we painted weather pictures, and I had paint everywhere! Literally. I had paint on my neck, ankle, elbow, wrist, face, and more.  We also read a story about pirates. Arrrrgggghhh! 😛 It’s really fun to read, actually.

I’ve been singing all day. One of the things I’ve been belting out (despite a really sore throat. My family must love the sound of that!) is this:

“I’m the smartest person

that I’ve ever met.

So why do I allow myself to

possibly forget:

There’s so much I know how to do,

so much more than all of you.

The only thing I wish I knew

was how to make them see

the girl that I can be….

I am

the coolest girl in the whole wide world

I know it

but can’t show it at all.

I am

sick and tired

of low, not higher

places, where I should belong.

It’s about time I proved them wrong…”

…because it’s  true! Not really but it’s sooo fun to sing! See ya tomorrow!

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