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The Impossible Astronaut

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This post would be so much more fun to write if I had 12 jammy dodgers and a fez.  Oh well!

“Whirling past through time and space

Trying to save the human race

That special mile upon his face

The Doctor’s back again.”*

Hi there! Since we last spoke, I have read a book that I will probably review later, listened to an incredible amount of music, and started writing (or prewriting) my research paper.

I also watched Dr. Who S6E1: The Impossible Astronaut. It was really, really good.  You open with some of the questions from Season 5. Who is River Song? When will the Doctor contact his friends? Is Amy pregnant?  Then the adventure starts, and you finding yourself facing a possibility you never considered about the Doctor. What about the villains? Are they any good? Yes. The Silence are terrifying. It isn’t their appearance, which is slightly cheesy, it’s…well, just watch the episode!

I am so blessed to live in a community (both virtual and real) made up of people who “get” my quirkiness about Doctor Who. I have friends who have Doctor Who marathons and who understand my random quotes. They are willing to argue companions, or Doctors, or seasons. And since I have limited “Who” access, they let me crash at their homes in order to play catch-up. Heck, they even make me smoothies! I love them so much! Who knew that a British sy-fy show revival from the 1960’s could bring a bunch of American kids together?

*Yes, I wrote that. Not my best work, but it cracks me up! Yes, there’s more, but I’m still working on it.