Daily Archives: April 21, 2011



Today is officially “Let Your Little Sisters Choose Your Blog Topic(s)” day, or “LYLSCYBT” for short. At least it is at my house. The first topic they suggested was ostriches. I don’t know much about ostriches. They have long legs, big eyes, small brains, and, in dire situations, they bury their heads in the sand. That is the sum of my ostrich knowledge.

The second was Easter. I know a lot more about Easter than I do about ostriches. Easter was originally called “Aster” and was a pagan holiday celebrating the rebirth of the goddess, Spring. Supposedly, this goddess was represented by a bunny- born out of an egg.  Yep. When Christianity took off, believers began a process of combining pagan holidays with Christian ones. Christmas was combined with Winter Solstice, and Aster became Easter, a celebration of both spring and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I love Easter in some ways and hate in others. I love celebrating Christ’s sacrifice for my sin. I love spending time with family and friends. I just hate how commercialized it is. Actually, I feel the same way about other holidays as well.

I just hate it when something that is supposed to be about truth, family, and faith gets turned into a way for people to make massive amounts of money selling chocolate bunnies. Granted I love chocolate bunnies, but it just seems wrong to turn Easter into a day that means nothing more than that. I don’t know if that makes sense.