Hey! I’m a Bunny…or something…


I’m losing my boyfriend to World of Warcraft
He said he loved me and I thought it would last
We used to go out but now I’m just here waiting
He never calls back he is too busy raiding

I hate that stupid game

But not really. My boyfriend doesn’t play WoW. Sorry. I lied. Actually, I didn’t lie, I quoted a song. Whatever.

Hi, guys! How has your week been? That good? (or bad. I don’t actually know how you responded.) My week has been crazy. Actually, it’s been pretty chill for the last couple of days, on a comparative spectrum.

You guys should read this:


and let me know what you think. I like BEDA in some ways, but in others, it kind of feels like I’m in your face everyday. If so, I apologize. You only have to endure me  (continuously at least) for 10 more days.

I’m more than a bit sporadic today. I feel like a spastic bunny…or something along those lines. So, I’ll probably “hop” around a bit in this post. (ha ha, ’cause I’m a bunny? Get it? No?…Never mind!)

I’m still watching Doctor Who, and I’m loving it. I really am surprised with how much I like Christopher Eccleston. And since Tennant and Smith are better, I can only guess how much I will love them.  Really, though, I love the chemistry between Rose and the Doctor.  They are so adorable, even when they fight.  I don’t know why I like them as a couple, I just do.

A bunch of my friends are getting into the Hunger Games. I feel really excited since I was the one who introduced them to it. I have, as you know, read all the books, so it’s funny to hear them guessing what will happen next.

That is all.


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