Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

I was on TV…


…sort of. To be honest, I sat in the audience during the filming of a TV show. It was all in support of Project Healthy Lifestyle, a volunteer group that I am apart of.  We ate cake. That is all.

However, I did get to miss a class, so that’s a plus. Let’s see…what else? It’s the weekend! That’s good, right?

I am planning a long weekend of sy-fy and world history. That’s right! I’m living on the wild side!  Actually, I will probably be on the go this weekend.  Major bummer!

I really just want food!!!! I am so hungry, and I haven’t eaten since noon. Well, I’ve had popcorn, but that isn’t the same thing as having a full meal.  I’ve also had like three Diet Cokes. I am such a good representative for Project Healthy Lifestyle! Yep.

Now, I’m going to go play crazy games with my youth group. Until tomorrow!