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Today’s topic is…

Eli Whitney's Patent for the Cotton gin, March...

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It is a sad, sad day when the only homework you actually want to do is math! But we’re studying polynomials and I ….enjoy them. I know, right? I’m just as shocked as you!

It also helps that I have no English homework, am done with my Spanish, hate my Chemistry, and am so far behind in World History that the very words “World History” make me want to cry.


Spring break is officially over. I have work today and tomorrow is crazy! Grrr. I like being lazy!

However, this isn’t what I want to talk about. No, today I want to talk about … something. Dang it! I had a good idea too! But I walked away from the computer for a sec, and the thought dissipated. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?

Seriously, though, is there a reason that every great idea seems to vanish just when you need it most?

I sometimes wonder about all the great ideas that have been forgotten. For every telephone, light bulb, or cotton gin, is there an equally radical idea that has simply been…misplaced?  How  many new inventions have been rejected because of funding, lack of relevance, or implausibility? What kind of a world would we live in if every brilliant idea were able to come to fruition? Think of the possibilities!

And it isn’t just technology, either! What about art or literature or music? Maybe Bach wrote a masterpiece on a napkin and then later misplaced it. Maybe it was his greatest work, an achievement of a lifetime, and it was thrown away by his maid when she tidied up his rooms.  The world missed out on that fictional masterpiece through a total accident. What other masterpieces has the world lost because a person didn’t write it down*, or didn’t like it, or was simply afraid to share it with others?

In comparison, forgetting a blog post topic doesn’t seem that bad! I could have forgotten the cure for the common cold, or the score for a symphony that could bring peace to warring nations through its melodic power.  I feel better…ish. Hey! At least I found a topic!

I still don’t know why people are so prone to forgetting these sorts of things. Maybe I’ll research it. Or maybe, I’ll actually do my world history homework, like a good girl should.

*That, by the way, is the reason I will always carry a notebook. One never knows when a stroke of genius will descend.