Tired, but happy…ish

Crude representation of how Duck Duck Goose is...

How to play Duck Duck Goose- just in case!

I tried so hard to blog yesterday, but the computer hates me! It decided that my blog didn’t exist.  But…you gives forgive me, right? Right! Thanks, guys! I’m still going to claim hat that I’ve completed BEDA at the end of the month then!

As a bonus, I’m going to post twice (x2) today! You deserve it, faithful followers!

Um…let’s see…what have I been doing? I haven’t been doing homework 😦 That’s probably what I should be doing! I’ve had a picnic with jello, Nutella, and pears. I’ve watched Gone with the Wind while eating Mint Rocky Road ice cream con mis amigas.  I went to an aquatic center with my best friends, and we…got kicked out of the the kiddie section :/… We played tag, duck duck goose, catch, and monkey in the middle too.  And as always, we goofed around on YouTube.  It was a blast!

Well, Star Trek ended, which is a sign that I need to get to work on homework! Bye!


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