A Secret…


So, I think it’s time that I tell the truth.

Look at me
And what do you see
Intelligence beyond compare
But inside I am stirring
Something strange is occurring
It’s a secret I need to share

Yeah… I like High School Musical! This is especially embarrassing because I gave my little sister such a hard time about it when the movies first came out. And don’t get me wrong, the movies are terrible, and are filled with cheesy acting and high school cliches. But the songs…

I like the songs, okay? Along with musicals, indie rock, pop, and independent, I have been known to burst spontaneously into songs from HSM. I especially like singing the duets of Ryan and Sharpay with my sister, because they’re so easy to harmonize with. (They’re incredibly catchy too!)

That is all! This thought came to me because we watched HSM and HSM 2 at my friend’s party yesterday.


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