Daily Archives: April 7, 2011

Ice cream, snow, dinosaur movies, and more


What else can I say that isn’t already in the title? Oh wait, I guess I’d better explain it, right? Right!

Well, today was an awesome gathering with my youth group. We ate pizzas, played outside, and then got into cars and vans to go see Sea Rex at Ominimax Theater.  It was weird. Some creepy guy from the past shows up in modern times as a ghost and starts talking to a random girl about dinosaurs! He even knows her name! Creepy? I think so!

Ok, so then we drove home and discovered it had snowed in our absence. And you know what that means… snow ball fight followed closely by fro-yo (frozen yogurt, for those of you who aren’t in the know).  Okay, so I won’t have thought of the frozen yogurt, but it was fun! And what’s a snow ball fight without being yelled at by irate store keepers who threaten to call the police… Yeah, no idea what their problem was….

And that’s a summary of my evening. Earlier, I went to Starbucks and played dress-up. I REALLY need to get on the ball with school work!!!!! That is my goal for tomorrow.

Also, instead of another “My day was…” post, I plan to actually discuss something. Something intelligent. Maybe.

Leave a comment with any topics you would like me to blog about. If you don’t….I will just be boring. So there! You’ve been warned!