Daily Archives: April 5, 2011



I’ve been thinking about the word “isolation” and how it applies to me personally. The word isolation comes from the Latin insulatus, or “made into an island.” So it makes sense that the word “isolate” means to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone. You literally become an island unto yourself.

You may ask why this is on my mind today. Well, it’s because I’m feeling rather isolated. Oh sure, there are people all around me, but I feel…separate.  I’ve always had a little bit of difficulty relating to other people, to be honest. I mean, I understand them. I’m not just an unsocialized homeschooler who doesn’t know what to do in a group. It’s just that I feel more like a scientist studying a new species or like a psychiatrist figuring out how people think, rather than an active, participating member of the human race.

It isn’t always this way. When I’m with my friends or with my teammates, I feel like I’m actually a member of the whole- for a while. Then they go off to their world of shiny, frothy bubbles, and I can’t follow.  I don’t know if I would even want to.

And now that I have succeeded in sounding emo  and in depressing you, I bid you ado.