Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

20 Questions (inspired by YouTube)


So, I was glancing through some random YouTube videos, and I saw one by Kayley from Owlssayhoot called “20 Questions”.  I decided to answer these questions myself. It’s pretty girly so guys, you might want to just skip this post.

The questions:
1.Thing you can’t leave the house without?- A notebook                                            2.Favorite brand of make-up?-I don’t really wear make-up, but I do like Bare Minerals.
3.Favorite flowers?- Gerber daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, dahlias,  and many more.I love to look up the meanings of flowers too. Daisies are gentleness, innocence, and loyal love. Queen Anne’s Lace are fantasy, and dahlias are good taste. So, if you ever get me flowers, beware! I will probably find meanings behind them that were not intended! 🙂
4.Favorite clothing stores?- Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, thrift stores, and some vintage places.
5.Favorite perfume?- I don’t really wear perfume, but lately I’ve been wearing a body mist from Charlotte Russe. It has a lemon-y smell. I love lemons!
6.Heels or flats?- I’m too klutzy to wear heels! I adore ballet flats. You can still run and jump around, but you look classy! (In theory)
7.Do I make good grades?-Yep.
8.Favorite colors?- Black, blue, purple, and many more.
9.Do you drink energy drinks?- I don’t really like energy drinks, so no.
10.Do I drink juice?- Sometimes. I prefer smoothies.
11.Do I like swimming?- Actually, I don’t know how!
12.Do I eat fries with a fork?- Um…no. If I can possibly avoid using a fork, I will. I have really bad table manners.
13.What is my favorite moisturizer?-Neutrogena or Bourgeois, when I use any at all. I’m very low maintenance.
14.Do you want to get married later in life?- I’m not sure. Right now, I don’t think so, but if I met the right guy…maybe.
15.Do I get mad easily?-Actually yes. It’s something I’m working on.
16.Am I into ghost hunting?- I am not.  I don’t believe in ghosts.
17.Any phobias?- Yes, but none that I am willing to share
18.Do I bite my nails?- Nope! I also rarely paint them.
19.Have I ever had a near death experience?- Yes. Many.
20.Do I drink coffee?- Most definitely. I prefer caramel macchiatos. Yum!

So, that’s that! Hope I wasn’t too boring! I just finished watching a fantastic production of Macbeth starring Jason Connery and Helen Baxendale.  It was really good, in my opinion. Now I’m watching some MLS!