Horatio Hornblower


I never dreamed of being a sailor, and I’ve never been into nautical things. And sadly, this means that I missed out on Horatio Hornblower.  Until now.

Okay, to be truly honest, I already knew about him about a year ago when I read Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C S Forester. I really enjoyed that book, which was a little surprising due to the lack of nautical-ness mentioned above. But, after I finished it, I just sort of…forgot about it.

Tonight, though, we watched Horatio Hornblower: The Duel and all my love came rushing back. It’s a classic story of a boy who becomes a man at sea, saves countless lives, wins battles, and faces his own fears. It was a great movie. Horatio is the type of hero you can truly admire.*He has honor and integrity and he’s just so….swoon.  Plus, he says lines like,

“These are new times, Mr. Simpson. You have no hold over us here”


“I maintain the charge against Mr. Simpson, Sir! However, since I cannot prove it other than with my body, I have no choice but to accept his challenge!”

Simpson, was everything a villain should be (read: PURE EVIL). The supporting characters were strong too. Overall, it was love at first sight. And there are like ten more Horatio films!!! Thank you A&E!

Now, I’m going to have to hunt up the books so I don’t feel like a loser for watching the movies w/o having read the books. That’s a huge no for me. And, the books are usually better anyways.

*Did I mention that the role of Horatio is played by the very talented Ioan Gruffud? I spent the first half of the movie trying to place him. He was in Titanic, King Arthur, Amazing Grace, and The Fantastic Four.


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