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A digital photo of an old BOWTIE (red_velvet_p...

Bow tie!

So, I keep hearing about VEDA or Vlog Everyday in April. I’ve decided to try BEDA or Blog Everyday in April. 😉 Let’s show those vloggers what for!

On that note, today kicked off Spirit Week at school (yes, I’m homeschooled. Yes, I go to school. Confused? Join the club!) It was Knee-highs and Ties Day. I wore a bow tie and blue knee-highs. Yep. Not my proudest moment.

My Bracelet

Friday is Color War. My grade’s color is orange, so my best friend and I went shopping because we both own little to no orange!!!! She bought a peach dress (Hey! It’s close to orange!) and I bought a big, shiny orange bracelet. I have a wrap shirt to wear with it.

We had so much fun at the mall. We danced and posed, drank smoothies, had some girl talk, and overall had a ball. And we saw the most adorable puppy!!!!

This isn’t the EXACT puppy, but gives you an idea of the puppy’s cuteness level.  Jack Russel Terrier puppies are so pickin’ cute!

Just try resisting that face!

It was so fluffy I could die! (I watched Despicable Me finally! It was a sweet movie)

I ate so many cookies today, because it was my friend’s birthda

y.  And then I shared half a sunflower cupcake with my other friend. I’m going to be so fat! Probably not though. I have PE tomorrow.

I have to go clean my room and complete Spanish work. Sigh. TTYL, blog buddies.



So, this weekend has been a giant mix of meetings, gatherings, appointments, ice cream, music, and more.

I have eaten Rocky road, chocolate, mint, and Bitter Sweet Chocolate Love Affair ice cream (but not all at the same time!).

I have FINALLY watched Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. It has been on my “To Watch” list forever. It was totally worth seeing and I hope to review it later this week (maybe).  I loved it, and yes, I teared up at one point, although that may have been from lack of sleep. I didn’t finish the film until 2 am!!!!Oh, and another thing. Does anyone else think that Romeo looks like Zac Efron?

Let’s see…what else is new?

I’m almost done with a first draft of Macbeth! A Musical. I still have a ton of chemistry to do. Ugh!

I finished Graceling by some author whose name escapes me. Oh well! It would have been good, but for its views on marriage.  Sigh… I also read the last book in the Howl’s Moving Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones.  I liked the first one best, honestly. The other two were cute at best.

That’s about it! How was your weekend?

Musical Mania


Currently, I am caught up in the land of musicals!

“Ev’ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in”

This happens to me every three weeks or so, to be honest! It’s especially bad this time around because I’m also writing a musical! That’s right! For English, I’m working on a musical version of Macbeth.  It’s really fun, but challenging. I’m piggybacking some songs and writing others myself.

However, after spending three days on the project, I came up with a new idea for a plot twist, but that would require me starting from scratch! Grrrrrr…..

In other musical related news, I spent about half an hour trying to find a Broadway ghost. Most of you have no idea what that means.  I was browsing the net, when all of a sudden, I heard the song “Memory” from CATS! playing. I was shocked. I don’t own that song.

So, I started searching but I couldn’t find where it was coming from.  Eventually, it turned out to be a closed tab that well,…hadn’t closed. I was able to take care of the problem, but it was incredibly spooky for my computer to start belting out Broadway tunes.

Horatio Hornblower


I never dreamed of being a sailor, and I’ve never been into nautical things. And sadly, this means that I missed out on Horatio Hornblower.  Until now.

Okay, to be truly honest, I already knew about him about a year ago when I read Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C S Forester. I really enjoyed that book, which was a little surprising due to the lack of nautical-ness mentioned above. But, after I finished it, I just sort of…forgot about it.

Tonight, though, we watched Horatio Hornblower: The Duel and all my love came rushing back. It’s a classic story of a boy who becomes a man at sea, saves countless lives, wins battles, and faces his own fears. It was a great movie. Horatio is the type of hero you can truly admire.*He has honor and integrity and he’s just so….swoon.  Plus, he says lines like,

“These are new times, Mr. Simpson. You have no hold over us here”


“I maintain the charge against Mr. Simpson, Sir! However, since I cannot prove it other than with my body, I have no choice but to accept his challenge!”

Simpson, was everything a villain should be (read: PURE EVIL). The supporting characters were strong too. Overall, it was love at first sight. And there are like ten more Horatio films!!! Thank you A&E!

Now, I’m going to have to hunt up the books so I don’t feel like a loser for watching the movies w/o having read the books. That’s a huge no for me. And, the books are usually better anyways.

*Did I mention that the role of Horatio is played by the very talented Ioan Gruffud? I spent the first half of the movie trying to place him. He was in Titanic, King Arthur, Amazing Grace, and The Fantastic Four.

Mockingjay #1


I’ve just finished my first reading of “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. I’m going to share my initial impressions, but you’re going to have to wait until I’ve reread it at least one more time before I can give you a truly accurate view.

So, in brief:  It was totally, utterly shocking. I mean, I read the reviews before hand, warning me that this book was entirely different from its predecessors. Still, though, I was blown away. I really thought that “The Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” were serious and intense. I was wrong. “Mockingjay” is all about war and the resulting trauma. It’s about knowing which side is the right one, and realizing that even the “right” side can be corrupt. But mostly, it’s about love. How can you love and be loved when your every decision can cause those dearest to you infinite pain and suffering?

I really don’t want to give away the plot, so I’ll leave my summary until I’ve read the book again. But it raised a lot of questions. It also breaks your heart. Peeta and Katniss are pushed to their breaking point over and over again. And after they are broken, the process begins all over again.

You want to tell yourself that the whole idea of the Hunger Games Trilogy, with its corrupt government and cruel “justice”, could never apply to us. Read your history!!!! It could just as easily happen today as it did in the past. And in a way, that’s more of a tragedy than anything written by Suzanne Collins.

I crossed the line….


"That is not logical, Captain."

*Before I get this going, I just want to remark on the irony of all my Star Trek posts. I’m actually more of a Star Wars girl, or was, growing up. But, in the last year, it seems as though I spend more and more time on Star Trek…Hmmm…

I’m reading Star Trek Omnibus Volume 1, which is a collection of Star Trek comics, and um…. for the first time, I confused something in Star Trek with real life! I know, right? I felt so stupid! But, in my defense, it was something that made sense!!!!

In a comic entitled, “We Are Dying, Egypt, DYING!”, the crew finds a planet that appears to be a copy of ancient Egypt, complete with pyramids. The crew is talking about the planet’s development, when Spock says, “Might I remind you that Hodgkin’s Law holds that cultures develop in similar patterns on similar planets….” So, I looked up Hodgkin’s Law and read a bit about it, and thought, “Wow! This is really cool! It makes sense that basic development of cultures would follow certain patterns!” Then, I read this:

“The theory was the brainchild of biologist A.E. Hodgkin, who first visited the planet Loracus Prime as part of a science survey mission. As Hodgkin noted in his log, the native termite life of Loracus was remarkably similar to that of Earth, Vulcan, and several other Class M worlds.”

Yep.  I feel stupid right about now.

Hello! Good-bye!


I feel so successful! I got the job! I finished the HSPE (if you know, you understand. If you don’t, you don’t want to…),  just about reached the summit of the Spanish mountain (so close!), might actually understand stoichiometry, did Star Trek impressions with my sister, had kung pao for lunch, and managed to do a week’s worth of work in one day!

Now, I have to finish that last bit of Spanish, pick out clothes for tomorrow, and then go to sleep!I also need to memorize as many places of pi as possible before 3:30 pm tomorrow!

Plan of attack for tomorrow:

  1. Wake-up
  2. Pi
  3. Eat, dress, whatever
  4. Pi
  5. Make-up chem in car
  6. Meeting
  7. School
  8. Concert
  9. Work on World History
  10. Read?
  11. NCIS or Star Wars (after all, it is FRIDAY! 😉 )

In which I get my first real job offer

Cover of "Howl's Moving Castle"

Cover of Howl's Moving Castle

Hello there! Soooo…someone offered me a job today. I’ m going to fill out the forms, and we’ll see what happens. I’d give more details, but then I’d feel like an idiot if it fell through.

I have also eaten an entire quart of frozen blueberries. Those things are addictive! Let’s see, what else? I still have a mountain of Spanish to climb…. 😦     I read the sequel to “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and finished the movie. The movie was good, but almost entirely different than the book.

Ok, that Spanish isn’t going to finish itself. Bye!




Image by C. McKane via Flickr

I’m almost positive that I had a point to today’s blog all worked out in my head. But now that I’m sitting down to type, I’m drawing a blank.  Sooooo……Plan B! I’ll tell you about my day.

So far, I have written a 5 page paper about “A Favorite Place”for the HSPE, as well as  starting a summary of “The Cat in the Hat” in Spanish.  I’ve been to the library to replenish my stock.

I just finished reading a book called “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones. It’s fun but it’s fairly teeming with twaddle.  It’s very magic-filled too,  for those you who are wondering.  Now, I’m watching the movie version by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s hard to take it seriously, because every time Howl opens his mouth, I start giggling. His voice is done by Christian Bale and it cracks me up!

That’s about it, so far!

Catching Fire

Cover of "Catching Fire (The Second Book ...

Cover via Amazon

*Note: FINALLY getting this post up. I wanted to finish it before anymore tragedies could occur!

**No spoilers, I promise! (Okay, a FEW. But VERY few…)

I happen to love “The Hunger Game” by Suzanne Collins.  Is it the adventure, the suspense, the romance? I don’t know. I devoured the first book on a car trip this winter, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second one, “Catching Fire“.  Unfortunately, my funds were rather depleted so I was forced to fall back on that age-old standby: the library.  So, I duly placed my hold and discovered that I was something like #15 out of 30 in line for the book! Needless to say, it took a little while to make its way to me.

But I was finally able to bring it home last week, and I promptly read it. And then reread the first one. And then, read it again. And, since the third time’s the charm, I read it once more. I guess you could say that I’m qualified to state my opinion of the book at this point! 🙂

I. Loved. It. I mean, it was by no means my favorite book of all time, nor was it as good as the original, but still. It was phenomenal, in terms of plot. It has you riveted from page one. However, as much I as I enjoyed this book, I have two complaints. One is that I still feel like we don’t know enough about Peeta. He is examined a little more than in bk. 1, but seems pretty one dimensional. I don’t know….maybe it’s just me…. Two is that the writing seemed choppier than in the first book. You jump around a lot more and Ms. Collins seems to be cramming as much as possible into the book, which seems strange, since there is another book (“Mockingjay”, totally on my “To Read” list. Actually I just placed a hold on it, and I’m #3 out of 3….).

To summarize (w/o giving too much away), the book starts pretty much where the first one left off. Having won the Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss have returned home to District 12. They are getting ready to leave on their Victory Tour. One day, Katniss receives a unexpected visit from the sinister President Snow. He tells her that her decision in the arena (you know, with the berries…) is causing rebellion throughout Panem. He also tells her that her family and friends will pay if she is unable to convince the country that her true motivation was her undying love for Peeta. This is especially difficult, since we all know that Katniss is still wrestling with her feelings (not to mention Gale). And with the announcement of the 75th Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss find themselves faced with yet another challenge.

There’s been some buzz about the movie versions of the books. I would love to be Katniss, but since that’s never going to happen, let’s just hope they don’t blow it with their casting choice. I.e Kristen Stewart is a BAD idea. Just saying…

Right now, I’m reading a cool book that mixes fiction, mystery, and philosophy. If  I like it, I’ll write a review for those of you  (What?!?  people read this blog? *Cough, cough) who are interested.