I like science fiction.  I am by no means obsessed nor am I an expert. All I know is what I like and what I don’t like.

I like Star Trek: TOS. But, confession time: I haven’t seen any of the other series (or series-es?)  although I have seen most of the movies. I have yet to see the most recent Star Trek movie, but my best friend tells me it’s great, so I’ll give it a shot.I really only watch Star Trek because of Spock. He is my hero! He has a logic-based Vulcan mind and a human heart. (I wish I was Vulcan….)

I’m also a Star Wars fan. Yeah, I know. Most people would classify Star Wars as science fantasy rather than science fiction. I’m putting it in sy-fy because it is mentioned in Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. And Mr. Kaku knows what he is doing! (This is of course ignoring my two problems with the book:  1. Harry Potter is considered sy-fy 2. It has a picture of TARDIS on the front, but never even mentions Doctor Who). Anywhoo, Star Wars was what I grew up on. I used to like the newer ones best (read: Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, and Natalie Portman) but as I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown to appreciate the beauty of the the originals . They were groundbreaking because they treated sy-fy as an art, not as a way to provide cheap thrills.

I also like Firefly, which may be the only TV show I have actually seen every episode of (It only had 14).  It’s basically a space western.Although I like the concept, several things just don’t work. Mainly, though, I felt like sex had too dominant of a role in the plot. Then again it is  the work of Joss Whendon… enough said.

Listen to the theme:

In movies, I’m a little bit lacking. Yes, I know.  Star Wars is technically a series of films. But they’re so much more! 🙂  I’ve seen Avatar, of course. .. and no other movies are coming to mind! My geek status is at risk here!I want to see Serenity, a movie based on Firefly.

In sy-fy books, there’s Dune, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy….. many more that I don’t want to name… But I have never read any fan fiction or fiction period related to Star Trek. For Star Wars, I’ve only read the little kid movie-summarizing books.

I don’t have any action figures or toy guns, mostly because I broke my light-saber on my sister’s head when I was younger. I’m kind of pathetic actually. I’m like a half-way fan…

Wow, this blog post suddenly became depressing! 😦  Oh well! Like I said earlier, I know what I like and that’s about it!


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