These are a few of my favorite things…


and not so favorite things, but that would have made the title WAY too long!

(I actually sang “My Favorite Things” at age 2. That was my firs time onstage)

Off the top of my head (and w/o explanation)…

Things I like

Irish cheese, Spock, the color purple, comfy sweatshirts, flat bread, carmel  macchiato, Gerber daisies, the smell of lemons, puddles, rain, eating in class, carrots in ketchup,  Mickey Mouse pancakes, BLOGS, Zaxy, YouTube, Casa Blanca, Star Wars, Star Trek,, Frank Herbert, fish in your ear, black, Sean Connery,  Robot Unicorn Attack, breaking randomly into song, krav maga, Claude Monet, writing poetry, getting lost in the fabric of time and space, lemon black tea, dangerous mixtures of coffee, coco, and milk, Packers, Clay Matthews

Things I don’t like

pink, unstructured anarchy, Christina Aguilera, Hawaii Five-O, Robot Unicorn Attack, the word “no” (unless I’m the one saying it), limitations, Teletubbies, vaporization without representation, coconut, cedar, mix matched socks, Nerimon, spots on my face, ballet, sparkliness, Twilight, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner (who’s she?), Arsenal, Pittsburgh Steelers, people who taunt other people with cheesecake, scratchy sweaters, use of profanity, tattoos, girls with piercing anywhere other than their ears, guys with piercings anywhere

Now you know random things about me! Yes, this post is riddled with inside jokes and snide comments. I’m done.  Ciao! Deep philosophical post to follow….soon.



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