Highlander, Dune, and Hollywood Nonsense


So, for a girl who isn’t really into movies, I sure have written a lot about film lately! And this post follows this trend! But, I can’t just sit ideally by while the fate of my favorite things are threatened!

One of those things is Highlander.  This is not just because it stars Sean Connery (*swoon). It’s also because of the sword fighting, the originality, the score (almost entirely by Queen), and tag line, “There can be only one.” (even though there always turn out to be more than one…).  I’ve also watched Highlander:Endgame (I  know, I skipped like 5 movies and yes, I actually  liked Endgame. Bite me!) , although I never got into the TV series.* So, when I read that they’re doing a remake of Highlander, you can understand why I would be skeptical about a remake (not ANOTHER movie, an actual remake!).

I became even more concerned when I read the script writer is the one who wrote the scripts for… the Twilight saga.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why would Hollywood do this? WHY?

Don’t worry, it gets worse! The brilliant minds in Hollywood have also decided to make a movie of Dune by Frank Herbert. I would say “remake”, since there was a Dune movie already but…well, I’ve never seen the movie, but watch for yourself….

So, really, no matter how bad this new movie is, it will be an improvement on THAT.  (Actually, the mini series by the Sy-Fy Channel doesn’t look that bad. Let me know if you’ve seen it.) But being a person who has read 5 of the original books, and a few by Herbert’s son, I love the world of Dune. I really don’t want to see it desecrated!

Whatever happened to original ideas? Inception went that route and was great! I’m sick of remakes!  Can we have some fresh ideas, please?

*For those of you considering watching Highlander, know that there is some pretty intense sex and violence. They’re rated R….


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