My current playlist


So, music is a huge part of how I express myself. Sure, I don’t play any instruments and my singing is only so-so, but I still play around with notes and do a little bit of song writing.

Another thing is that you can usually tell what kind of mood I’m in by the music I’m listening to. So here’s a sampling of my latest musical adventures, and you tell me what kind of mood I’ve been in lately!

In no particular order, the top 20 songs I’ve listened to in 2011, so far*:

1. Love Like Woe by The Ready Set

2. Reflection by Mulan

3. I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) by Hercules

4. Hot Air Balloon by Owl City

5. Star Trek Girl by Meekakitty

6. If A Song Could Get Me You by Marit Larsen

7. Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko

8. Piano Song by Meiko

9. Piano Don’t Get Chicks by Mike Lombardo

10.Rock Song by Mike Lombardo

11.Captain Hook by Chipz!

12.Black Thick-Rimmed Glasses by Aubrey Wood

13.Blame It On the Rain by He is We

14.Pardon Me by He is We

15. What I’ve Been Looking For by High School Musical #1

16. You Are the Music In Me by High School Musical #2

17.Dancing Through Life by Wicked

18.What Is This Feeling by Wicked

19. Defying Gravity by Wicked

20.Within My World by Dracula

* Every song on this list has been played so many times that it is kind of sad!

If you can figure out what this says about my mood, you’re doing better than me!


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