Top Things Never To Say To A Teenage Girl


Teenage girls are annoying. I mean, really annoying. But there’s  a secret you might not know. If you press their buttons the wrong way, they go from annoying to soulless, mindless, killing machines! So, to keep you from being devoured by an irate 14 teen-year-old, here are…

Imjuliet’s Top Ten Things Never To Say to A Teenage Girl

10. What’s that on your face? (or really anything about her face. DANGEROUS TERRITORY)

9. It’s no big deal (to you maybe, but to her….)

8. Get used to it. (No, she doesn’t WANT to get used to it, thank you!)

7. Life’s not fair (Well, it should be!)

6. You’re doing that wrong! (GRRR…..)

5. Are you sure you want to do that? (likely to cause a major eye roll)

4. Is THAT what you’re wearing? (unless said with an excited squeal)

3. When I was your age… (NEVER say this. Cannot end good)

2. That’s stupid! (Really? Let me show you stupid!)

1. You’re just not good enough. (Why would you EVER say that?)


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