I’m a YouTube fangirl…


So, I find that in my spare (ha ha ha …sorry) time, I go onto YouTube. I have a list of my favorite vloggers and I’m going to share it with you, as a sort of early Christmas present.

These are in no particular order:

  • Charlieissocoolike – He’s cute, funny, nerdy AND he plays ukulele. What more could you want from a vlog?
  • italktosnakes – This girl is funny and down to earth. She’s also 1/2 of my favorite musical duo: ALL CAPS.
  • hayleyghoover- A comedy mixed with random songs.
  • vlogbrothers- Nerdfigtheria is sweeping the nation!
  • MikeLombardoMusic – My favorite piano rocker!
  • meekakitty – Just check it out for yourself.
  • ifimjuliet – Someday

So, yep.


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