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I was thinking today about identity. How do we view ourselves? In fact, what affects how we view ourselves?

What brought this on is the fact that so many people seem to find their value only in how they appear to others. They have to smile, wear the right clothes, and laugh at all the right jokes. And to be honest, assimilation IS one way to find identity. You become whatever the crowd tells you to.

But what if you think outside the box? Or worse, that you disagree with the standards of others?

Identity isn’t found in ourselves, either (at least, not if you’re like me). A lot of the times, we have as much trouble understanding ourselves as we do the people around us.

I think that opinions of ourselves and others help shape our identity. But (and listen close, because this is the whole point of my 140 something word rampage) our identity is like a painting. Everything and everyone around adds a brush stroke, but no one person determines the outcome. It is built of of our interests, our friends, our personalities…. The deciding factor, though, is what we believe.

Now, I’m not going to preach, because, frankly, I think that we all have enough preaching in our lives. However, I will tell that I believe we can never know who we truly are until we come into a close relationship with God. It is he that takes all the lines, circles, and blobs of our painting and makes them into something beautiful.

Well, I’ve had my say. Now it’s your turn. Where do you think our sense of identity comes from?

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