My Movie Views


I’ve been thinking about movies today. You see, I really haven’t seen many movies, or at least new ones. I love old films like Casablanca or Doctor Zhivago. But chances are if it’s been released in the last ten to twenty years, I haven’t seen it.

The thing is, I like the slower pace and the focus on cinematography in older films. A lot of new films seem to be more focused on blowing things up than on developing a plot. Now I’m not saying that all older films are wonderful and all new films are bad. But taken as a whole, I enjoy older films.

Right now, I have a goal to watch as many films of Audrey Hepburn as I can. The only ones I’ve seen so far are My Fair Lady , Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Paris When It Sizzles.   It’s awesome to be able to watch a cute, fashionable girl with amazing comedic timing, and yet, to be able to feel like you’re actually watching something with substance.

Alright, I admit I’m biased. What movies do you love and why? Do you prefer old films or new ones?


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